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Carrier IQ removal/opt out

Sm28o Newbie
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Dear Sprint,


How can I remove or opt out of the third party software that was preloaded on my telephone that seems to be violating the Wiretap Act under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 that forbids acquiring the contents of communications without the users’ consent?


It seems there is no way for me to stop it or opt out of it collecting my data and reporting it to a third party.


I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.... right?


Thanks in advance for your response.

  • 1. Carrier IQ removal/opt out
    MARR Newbie
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    I too am adding myself to this list of concerned inquiry. As I understand, this information gathering does violate my rights with no opt out option for the EULA or an opt out for the actual collection of my usage information via the app without first voiding the warranty. I will be signing the class action when it comes. And am currently sharing this knowledge with everyone I know.

  • 2. Carrier IQ removal/opt out
    gabriel_sz Newbie
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    Add me to the list. I am going to be researching this over the next few days, but as I understand it, this app is in violation of my rights, regardless of its proported techinical value. Cough up a solution pronto or face a class-action lawsuit.

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    MGman61 Expert
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    I agree, this should be illegal, if it already isn't...


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    mrunderhill1958 Newbie
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    Hope to be able to keep up with this connection.  I've been a sprint customer for the last 10 years plus.  The amount of data that this third party has had access to is beyond belief.  That sprint allowed this is unconscionable and unforgivable. Looking forward to how this shapes up. 

  • 5. Carrier IQ removal/opt out
    CBizz Newbie
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    Tut tut guys.... Bad enough I can't get rid of **** like that NASCAR app tying up my memory, but this is (literally) criminal.  I'll be watching carefully to see what you do to rectify this situation.

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    VorlessDarkChaos Bronze Expert
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    CBizz wrote:


    Tut tut guys.... Bad enough I can't get rid of **** like that NASCAR app tying up my memory, but this is (literally) criminal.  I'll be watching carefully to see what you do to rectify this situation.

    Nascar app takes less then 1 megabyte of data so if you could remove that application it would not free up alot of space.

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    Sprint answering on this forumn is insufficient.

    Send a US postal service letter to EVERY subscriber stating that in NO way were customer passwords for ANY site visited EVER exposed

    /stored/analyzed in an encrypted or clear text form and that in NO way were web sites visited collated/sold/stored/anaylyzed.

    The letter must also state clearly that at no time did/does the software KEYSTROKE log.


    SPRINT must REMOVE this snooping software IMMEDIATELY in a NEW release of the code for all its phones carrying it.

    An OPT OUT is *NOT* good enough, why should I or anyone else trust the opt out means anything?

    I have to change ALL my passwords for banks, etrade, airlines etc. because of your CRASS stupidity.


    WHO made the decision to install the software? Sprint Corporate or some US government agency directive to Sprint. Soepenas are ugly things.


    REMEMBER> If you shred documents or delete emails pertaining to this snooping software

    you will not only be judged by YOUR CUSTOMERS but more than likely by U.S. courts.

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    JLANDIS2 Newbie
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    I was reading about this on CNN Money and I am SO OUTRAGED by this unlawful act. Sprint, I demand why this app was needed and why did you allow to break the law of privacy.......I did not buy an expensive phone so that I can be traced or spyed on!!!!!

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    SN0RAVEN39 Regular Visitor
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    Furious doesn't even begin to describe how we should all be at out rights and privacy being illegally broken by these snakes. Every minute that passes, a few more customers are finding out what you knowing let happen. Class action lawsuits will sink you and your corporate bullies. There are laws for a reason SPRINT, and you are not above them. Issue an update to every firmware that removes this blatant invasion of our privacy!!!

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    tg211 Newbie
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    Sprint i hope you have an optout/uninstaller available ASAP. Otherwise i am gooing require a windows phone or an iphone(since neither of those have carrierIQ), or let out of my contract at no expense. This rootkit is an evil tool that has violated me unkowingly for almost 3 years and i am ******. I am going to my local sprint store with these demands, as everyone reading this should do. I am only posting this hoping some middle management suit reads this reads this and gets the ball rolling a remedy for this gross violation of privacy and loyalty.

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    become-noticed Newbie
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    I'm a business owner that often transmits proprietary data and information using my Sprint Mobile device and I'm wondering why I was never told that every keystroke I ever made including https was being catalogued and stored by a third party software company.  I want this software removed and I want to know where my data is being stored so I can make sure it is deleted from this third party's servers. 

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    TexasMusicMarketing Newbie
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    As a Nextel user since 2000 who grandfathered over, I am outraged to learn of this violation of my privacy.  Please alert me as soon as a removal option is available.

    Further, WHY haven't you answered these customers' questions?  I, too, will visit my local Sprint stores and give them a piece of my mind.  I will also be glad to share this with others who ask me how I like my service.  FIX THIS and don't replace with some other scam.

    Class action, indeed.

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    vonic75 Newbie
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    The sad, ugly fact is that even if you try to turn off this pos ap it automatically comes right back on.  What really is messed up is the fact that the dta goes to someone else first and then to Sprint.  Sprint may take only the stuff it says is needs but that still leaves all my information, passwords, browsing habits, etc. in the hands of someone else and I have no way of knowing what they may do with it or what happens if the info gets stolen.  I wonder how closely the FCC is watching this mess unfold. 

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    JohnLaCroix Newbie
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    I am very upset about this - everytime I log into my bank or  other accounts my usernames and passwords are being logged and  compromised. I value my privacy and security far above the ability to  'improve my end user experience'. I want the ability to opt out of this  service. If I can't, I will move to a carrier that allows me to do so.

    My  fancy EVO-3D isn't useful to me if I can't trust it, and irrespective  of any assurances you (sprint) or CarrierIQ may provide it will never be  good enough. In addition, if a class action lawsuite is started I  intend to join it.


    John LaCroix

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