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Can't receive texts from Verizon

Cooperman411 Newbie
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Hey all!  Anyone that can help?  I can send texts to everyone, and I have been receiving texts from people on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.  Lately thought, I've had delays even in iMessages and duplicate messages and messages being recieved out-of-order on the other end.  I can send to Verizon, but any of my many friends on Verizon cannot text me back.  I never receive it.  Sprint just tells me to cycle down and restore the network.  IT HAS to be something on my account.  My other friends on Sprint have no problem texting Verizon phones.  Also, I took the phone to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and they replaced it earlier when I was having texting issues.  I wasn't able to receive texts from anyone at that time unless they were on Sprint or using iMessage.  It didn't fix anything.  Finally a Sprint representative told me to give it 48 hours and it would work.  Shockingly it did.  But now as of this past Monday, it's happening again.  Anyone??

  • 1. Can't receive texts from Verizon
    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    I apologize that this has been happening.  I would be very frustrated.  If you will private message me your phone number, I can verify that your sms routing on your account is correct.  I can also do some other steps to get it working.

    Thank you


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    betterwithfetter Regular Visitor
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    I just private messaged you too.  Iam having very similar issues.  I sent a text to two friends with verizon iphones and neither of them got it around 5:30pm today. Yet my wife with a basic verizon phone can text me fine.

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    Cooperman411 Newbie
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    To update:  I've now figured out since November 21 I haven't received any texts from Verizon or T-Mobile.  I have worked with Robotaholic here, numerous customer service people on the phone.  I even emailed Jerry Adriano, Vice President of Customer Experience.  He put me in touch with a member of the Executive & Regulatory Services department.   After all of that all I'm getting is "This isn't a Sprint issue."  For some reason no one at Sprint is willing or able to contact a peer at either of those other mobile providers. They suggested I have a friend on each service call their customer service.  Here's how that goes:  Call, reach low level tech support who then says they don't see the issue and that it's a Sprint problem.  I'm not asking friends to spend a week or two, at least an hour a day, trying to fix what I too see as a Sprint issue.

    This texting problem is bigger than a quick call to customer service.  It is technical and requires someone with the right expertise and understanding.  I cannot beleive that I'm actually here begging someone to either call a tech at Verizon or T Mobile, or to please let me out of my contract and refund me for the phone and set-up fees so I can go elsewhere.  Anyone with any advice?

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    You might try and take the issue on yourself by posting a detailed (and friendly) post in the other carrier's community forums.  You may get some interesting responses.  Look here (links below) and pick the forum within each community which you think will answer your questions:





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    DONALIEN Silver Expert
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          I had robotoholic fill me in on the situation. I believe I may be able to take care of this for you. I'm sending you a private message. In case anyone else is curious. In most situations such as this, the carrier of the sending party is not deliverying outside their own network because their systems, for whatever reason, recognize the number as their own.



  • 6. Can't receive texts from Verizon
    JB1906 Newbie
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    Hi Donnie,


      Could you contact me as well and provide the resolution?  I am having the same issue......


    Thanks, James

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    anythingspiked Newbie
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    I'm having the SAME issue... it's been over a month and I keep getting the run around from sprint. The latest "IT/back office" person said to me that it's definitely an Apple issue and that I had to go to them and get it resolved. I went to the Apple store and they gave me a new phone, reset my network again and even they guy in the store text my phone from an AT&T iphone and nothing. They've reset my network like 18 times, asked me the SAME questions and still no resolve. The last sprint customer care lady was extremely rude when I asked her if it could possibly be an issue with Sprint since she wasn't able to even see the messages I sent and she said "it could be" and then closed my ticket without any resolution or apology. I'm ready to give up and switch to another carrier. Any suggestions?


    oh and no i didn't port my number from another carrier nor do i have/use a third party app for texting, i don't have an outage in my area, i don't have ANY blocked numbers and the formatting for texting is correct (nothing has changed my texts just stopped working).

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    WHO-DEY Newbie
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    Donnie, or anyone, please help me as well.  Ported form Virgin Mobile last month.  My verizon friends can get my texts, but i am not recieving replyies etc.  Same deal as others in this thread, it seems.  Any help would be great. 

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    Cooperman411 Newbie
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    Hello Who-Dey, and anythingspiked!  Here's what was wrong with my phone - apparently I was in both Verizon and T-Mobile's system as a current customer of theirs.  If you send a text from a Sprint phone to a Sprint phone it never leaves the Sprint network.  Same goes for each of the other carriers.  If it's from Sprint to Verizon it hits the "inter-carrier gateway" to be transmitted.  HOWEVER, if Verizon has you number in it's system and it thinks it's a Verizon number, when someone hits reply, Verizon doesn't ever send the text outside of it's network.  Did that make sense?

    Therefore, I had to get someone at Sprint to notify Verizon and T-Mobile the the number was ported to Sprint.  Once that happened, everything worked great.  This went on for almost 2 weeks and I had to treaten to cancel my contract before anyone at Sprint agreed to contact the other carriers and clear it up.  They wanted me to ask Verizon and T-Mobile customer friends to call their respective companies and do the work for them.  Just keep the pressure on Sprint and they'll eventually do it.  It's a shame as I was very excited to be on Sprint's network with the iPhone.  Unfortunately I don't see myself staying on Sprint once my contract is up.

  • 10. Can't receive texts from Verizon
    jfugatejr Newbie
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    I am also experiencing this problem. Can you help me?

  • 11. Can't receive texts from Verizon
    anythingspiked Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    Just got off the phone with sprint and again with the run around, they just created another ticket and said it'll take 24-72 hours ... i swear this is neverending! it's not just verizon either, she tried messaging me from at&t and nothing.

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    R_Tobin Newbie
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    Having the same problem.  Been with Sprint since 2007, got an iphone on 2/11 and this problem started on 2/25.  Had the Google Voice integration until Sunday when I disabled it thinking that was gonna clear the problem.  I wasn't receiving the texts on GV either but figured it wouldn't hurt to disable it.


    Sprint had me do several hard resets, ##update#, they even turned off my text messaging & turned it back on, and I had a Sprint store temporarily swap out my phone for an android to make sure its not the iphone that was causing it.


    I can still receive MMS messages from Verizon customers but not SMS, I've had atleast a half dozen people try to text me in addition to trying on my Verizon work phone, so it's not a phone problem.  I'm leaning towards this Verizon network or inter-carrier gateway problem, but how do I go about clearing this?  I work for a small business that relies heavily on text and IM communication during my travels.

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    Ena2891 Newbie
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    Hello Everyone,

    I want to share my experience with not receiving txts from Verizon and apparently form TMobile. 2 Weeks ago me and my brother ( we share family plan )upgrated our Palm Pres to Samsungs Epic 4G Touch. Before we did the upgrate we had never experienced aby difficulties with receiving txts. After week of enjoying our new phones, to be more specific on Sunday Feb 26th, I noticed that I stopped receiving txts from Verizon ( my boyfriend is with Verizon and we are in touch hundreds time during the day). I called Customer Service, we did standard upgrade, nothing. Issue not solved. i called again, we did hard restart, no results. The following Monday, things started happening to my brother. he stopped receiving txts from TMobile and Verizon. Called Sprint, Sprint said its Verizon fault. Currently, he is on the phone with Customer Service Rep every single day trying to solve the issue. No results so far. My opinion on that, i symphatise with people here, I spent 200 dollars to upgrade my phone to 4G just to experienced those difficulties and having no answers. I read here that this happened to people with iphones, well we got Samsungs and go through the same process. I just think Sprint wants to keep up with the competition, introduces I Phones and other 4G phones but I dont think they can handle it....Thier towers or systems or whatever that is , are simply not ready yet. During one of my store visits regarding that issue, Sprint told me that I have 14 days to try a phone. If i dont like it, i can returnt it, money back guaranteed. guess what,I LOVE the phone, its the service and the way of handling things that bother me.... Maybe some of you will have answer to our problem ? I would appreciate any help

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    sdkraemer87 Regular Visitor
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    I think I have a similar issue. Seems on Feb 26th or 27th im not getting texts from one verizon number in particular. Its weird becuase I can get texts fine with another verizon number. Open up a new thread addressing your issue and you should eventually get a sprint tech to send you a PM to help you out. If you get it figured out let me know! It sounds like its a "routing" issue.

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