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No 3g network...

Cwapface Newbie
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I've had my Evo4g phone for a while now. I've had little to no problems, until yesterday, when my 3g network seemed to disappear off my phone. I can still use wifi and 4g, but what happened to my default 3g option?


Thanks for your help

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    Todd051967 Newbie
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    i have had my Motorola Photon 4G for 3 weeks now. In Noth West Ohio and we dont have 4G yet, but I have had quite a few issues with my 3G staying in coverage. I was told the Sprint has had quite a few issues recently with the 3G stuff so im trying to be patient.

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    I am sorry that you are having problems.  Have you tried any steps yourself to fix it such as remove/replace battery or turning on airplane mode and then turning it back off?  Or you could also try a reset if you have already tried these would be a last option of course because you don't want to lose any of your information.  Anyway, if you are still having problems after these steps, please reply here or private message me. Thank you!


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    More_Human Regular Visitor
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    You can turn your 3G off and back on by going to Menu>Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks, Just toggle the mobile networks off and back on while 4g is disabled and you should see the 3G Icon in the notification bar next time you access data.

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    Cwapface Newbie
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    Unfortunately, I've done all the recommended techniques of trying to turn the 3g network back on, and nothing has worked. I did go to sprint and used my rebate to buy an iphone for my sister. They had to switch my number to the iphone, then put it back on my evo, but they said nothing would change. Would that have anything to do with what I am experiencing?

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    DONALIEN Silver Expert
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          It's possible that using your line to upgrade to an iPhone would cause problems connecting to 3G. Anytime the active device on a line changes, the 3G 'password' is reset and must be updated. This is done by updating profile via Menu > Settings > System updates > Update profile. Let me know what happens.



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    VOLTE2018 Silver Expert
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    call tech support from another line and have them walk you through a 'data restore', not a hard reset, but a data restore. you should be fine after that. or hit me up with your phone # and i'll help you do it.

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    Cwapface Newbie
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    Thanks everyone for your help. I had to update my profile and PRL to get the 3g network back. I appreciate your time.

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