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iPhone 4s not 4g?!?

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I find it absolutely ridiculous that a company as technologically advanced as apple would release a phone these days that is not 4g capable. I didn't even think that would possibly be the case. I will be returning it and going back to my Evo. I pay way too much money to have a phone that half the time won't even load the web page because it says it can't get a connection in an area where my evo gets the 4g reception. Extremely disappointed!

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    Zzznorch Valued Member
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    If you think battery life is short with the 3G version of the iPhone now, wait until the 4G version comes out.  I would avoid a first generation LTE phone (iPhone or whatever) at all cost until the LTE chipsets and battery life improve.  Many people seem to have forgotten, or do not know, that when 3G started taking off around 2005-2006, battery life and performance was terrible.  It took about two generations of hardware improvement to get better battery life and good 3G performance.  I have no doubt it will be the same scenario for 4G as well.  It may work great in the lab but in the real world, the engineers learn a lot from the existing hardware deficiencies and make improvements to the next generation.


    For me, it would make no sense to get an EVO.  Besides the iPhone's, my firm also picked up a EVO 3D for one of our people.  Works great except there is no 4G coverage on Long Island so it is no faster than any other 3G device.  Verizon has the largest LTE network right now but has been having growing pains (three outages in December).  AT&T is slowly growing and Sprint just announced they will be rolling out LTE to a few cities in Texas this year.  Of what use would a 4G iPhone 4S be right now?

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    Ciroo Newbie
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    round of appluase, my iphone arrives friday

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    I am an idiot.  I thought b/c my wife's Iphone 4S on AT&T ran at 4G speeds that my 4S with Sprint would also be at 4G.  Nope.  When she is getting the 4G connection in DC, Chicago, etc., I am way behind her at a 3G connection with Sprint.  Extremely disappointed with Sprint.  When Sprint does roll out 4G, I am guessing that I will have to upgrade to an Iphone with Sprint that is 4G??!!

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    AngieInConroe Expert
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    AT&T does not have a 4g iPhone either...the only network that the iPhone currently uses is 3g...you and your wife may have 4th generation phones but neither phone is capable of running on a 4g network...AT&T just sent some software down the pipeline to their iPhones to read 4g but that does not make them on the 4g network...the iPhone is not capable of that until the next one or possibly the one after that.

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    Your absolutely incorrect AngieinConroe haha, seriously???? I am with AT&T and have 4g on my iphone 4S for almost a year now.  Please don't give out advice if don't know what your talking about.  Most iphones are 4G now with the new update.  Seems that only Sprint sells the 4S without it being able to be updated to an 4G. 

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    No you're not correct. ATT has HSPA+ which is actually a 3G+ of sorts. It is available only on the GSM iPhone 4S model. ATT even got Apple to change their icon to say 4G when users were using HSPA+. But, it's not 4G LTE.


    The iPhone 5 is Apple's first "official" 4G phone.  o, 3G, 3G+, 4G LTE, 4G WiMAX; it only matters if you've got the towers and signal strength, and bandwidth.


    Sprint has sold several non-iPhone 4G phones for several years, but they use WiMAX.

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