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Time to Switch Carriers

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So ****** off with Sprint right now...How in the **** can you be out of EVO stock...2nd replacement in 30 days and now i gotta wait 2-3 more weeks before i have a working phone in my hands.  Called 6 Sprint locations in my area with a total of 34 EVO's on backorder...thats 34 ****** off customers...they will not offer me another choice of phone or upgrade...they just offered me credit when new phone wonder sprint is near the bottom in Customer Service year after year...time to switch carriers...and need i mention my wifes phone was replaced 5 times in a 4 month period...Shame on you Sprint...anyone else having issues?

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    if a phone has to be replaced multiple times due to defects would that be a spint problem or the maker of the phone?



    you also have to remember that yes they are selling the 4G still but the new priority is the newer phones. the 4G is pretty much out of date and life.

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    "If a phone has to be replaced multiple times due to defects would that be a Sprint problem or the maker of the phone?"


    I would say a little bit of both.  Ofcourse I would recognize it as a manufacture defect.  I have also learned to read reviews and forums for a phone I am interested in before I purchase it.  I also like to wait until the phone has been out on the market for awhile so I can let others go through the headaches of ironing out the bugs for me.


    But....I recognize it as Sprints fault if I go into the store and this store has a waiting list because of defective returned phones, and they continue to sale this phone to customers.  And then on top of this I ask them if there is any known issues with the phone and they tell me "not one issue."


    And this is what I have noticed happens alot.  They do not care to let the customer know if the phone has known issues or defects.  All they care about is getting you into a 2 year contract and can care less if they are selling you a defective phone.

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    you also have to remember most sales people have no clue what bad things happen with these phones...they just know what they do to sell them.  only time you will get someone that can actually tell you issues that have been coming up is at a repair store.


    you also have to remember alot of the phones out there arent having the same issues.


    example..the gingerbread internal memory leak...happened to me once and a factory reset fixed reaccurance as of yet and its been quite a while. others not so lucky. i get the sense reload every so often mainly when playing a large game that really taxes the phone...but again not very often. others not so much.


    i do the same thing with phones and their updates. phones i will hold off and watch their forums and see what all issues they have...ditto for the most part on the updates...then i weigh my options on if i can live with the bugs or problems or if they would drive me nuts.


    which is why im still running the 4G... no other phone so far has really sparked a interest to me...especially with LTE coming out by the end of 2013...the 4G is unable to run the new system... but theyre not getting rid of it..we just wont be able to use the bigger better system.

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    I agree.  I think alot of issues and fustrations stem from empolyees not being trained and informed.  I guess I just think differently then their employees do.  If my job was to sell phones and service, I would try to make sure I knew as much as I could about sales and service.


    For example, if I was a car salesman, i would like to be able to say more than "its fast" and "its nice".


    -What kind of operating system does it use?

    -What are the specs (memory, processor, screen, etc)?

    -Any updates been put out?  Scheduled to come out?

    -Any known issues?


    Just simple information.  You dont have to be that smart to educate yourself on simple matter involving you job.  And I do think some know about issues like in the OP's problem.  I agree a repair store will probably know more, but most people do try to take the phone and complain at a regular store first.  And some dont even realize there are repair stores to take the phone to.  If I had seen just a couple customers come in with the same issue on the same phone, i would feel the need to inform further customers of these issues.


    I just think overall the lack of traing and educating on the product is really hurting Sprint from a customer satisfaction standpoint.  Have you had to call a CSR lately?  Good luck.  I would rather go pass a kidney stone then deal with them again.

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    for the most part ive had good luck with csr.



    also to the original poster...if your screen name on here is also your phone number i HIGHLY recomend you change that. ponto

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