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Voicemail-2-Text app problems

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I have the BlackBerry 9670 Style. I downloaded an app called Voicemail-2-Text and now I learned that my phone isn't supported for that app. I called customer service and spoke with tech support about what to do, as the program was not only not working correctly but was not letting me hear my messages at all.

Tech support said to just delete the app, which I did. However, that didn't do anything except make the app (or its icon) disappear. I still don't get my messages.

I get a text message that says, "phone number called you! To start receiving voicemails again, select Unsubscribe from the Sprint Voicemail-2-Text app."

I've tried everything. Rebooting my phone, Master reset, but nothing works. I went on and searched under the app name and it does give me instructions on how to Unsubscribe, but it requires the program to be on your phone in order to do it, and when I search my phone it says that app is not on my phone. I tried re-downloading the app, so I could then Unsubscribe, but the website tells me I can't download that app because my phone is not supported. It let me download it the first time but now won't. (Would've been nice if the 1st time I tried it it would have not let me.)

I need help on how to fix this. Anyone? Help!

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    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    Please send me a private message, you may need to adjust your call forwarding settings.

  • 2. Voicemail-2-Text app problems
    RAYRAY7300 Newbie
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    I am having th exact same issue. Can someone help me! Too?

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    techsavvy101 Bronze Expert
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    Hi RAYRAY7300, has this been resolved? If not, please reply to my private message. Thanks.



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    I downloaded this program and am still in the trial but I don't like it anymore. I want it gone, but I deleted the app from my phone thinking it was going to stop it, but apparently it didn't! Now I can't re-download it because the website doesn't recognize my phone anymore??? ***??? It did the first time! I have the Bold 9930 and it's very frustrating. Any help would be nice!

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    abe2020 Master
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    To cancel or unsubscribe from the Sprint Voicemail-2-Text service:

    1. Press the Menu button on your keypad
    2. Select the Voicemail-2-Text icon
    3. Press the Menu button again
    4. Select Unsubscribe from the menu
    5. Select Unsubscribe again to confirm
    6. Select Done


    If you want to re-download Voicemail-2-Text to your phone, follow the instructions below:

    1. Visit

    Hope this helps


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    voicemail_guy Valued Member
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    For those of you who deleted the application before unsubscribing and can't redownload on your new phone, you can follow these instructions.


    First, go to the keypad of your new phone and hit *38 and hit the talk/dial key, this cancels the call forwarding to the Voicemail-2-text voicemail platform, and sends you back to the normal voicemail platform.


    Next, in order to cancel the subscription.  You can either log into, Under the Digital Lounge tab, select My content manager, you should see your subscription.  You just need to cancel it, or if you don't have access, you will have to dial *2 and have customer care cancel it for you.


    Hope this helps, and thanks for being a Sprint customer.

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    kajira_jacklyn Regular Visitor
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    I didn't download this program, it just suddenly appeared on my blackberry 9930 this morning and I can't get rid of it.  I do not want this on my phone as I did not ask for it.  How do I get rid of it?????

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    YOHELY77 Newbie
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    I tried everything from sprint support, from this page from the store and Im still having the same problems I swear I am leaving this company the moment my contract expires I dont have time for unwanted problems This app showed up on my phone wtihout my authorization and now its creating so many problems. I need my voicemail the way it was before and it seems to me that nobody can help

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    voicemail_guy Valued Member
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    Sorry you are having issues.  We recently did a Virtual Preload of our Sprint Voicemail-2-Text application to all the Blackberry base. 


    If you cicked through and downloaded the actual application, you can delete it so it does not take up memory by selecting the icon and hitting the blackberry options button and hitting delete.  That will leave you with the Virtual Preload. (shortcut)  You can now hide that shortcut similar to how you just deleted the application by selecting it and hitting the blackberry options key and then hitting hide icon.


    Hope this helps and thanks for using Sprint.

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