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9114 text message?

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Can anyone explain to me what a text message from 9114 is for? The body of the message begins "//BREW:" without the quotes, after the : there is a long string of letters and numbers... no clue what its!

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    how long? like pages and pages?

    BREW is Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, aka a way of writing programs for some types of mobile phones (mostly Verizon). If what follows looks like garbage, and there's a lot of it, then it means something is trying to send you a program via BREW. I don't know the specifics of it, but i'd assume the gibberish is either the program itself (if there's a LOT of it) or some kind of code to tell the phone to go get the program.
    Either way, i'd guess you can safely ignore it.

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    I'm getting these rather frequently. It's becoming annoying. Anyone know a way to block sms messages from a particular sender?

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    I do know that unsubscribing/disabling PSMS ($9.99/mo) will disable your ability to send short number texts and wind up paying fees for services (like voting on American Idol etc.). I do NOT know if doing that will stop them from coming in to your phone, but I'm sure someone reading this will know.
    I'd avoid responding to it as you may wind up with a nice surprise on your bill for a couple of dollars a month for some "service" you've never heard of.

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    I might have found the solution in another thread: I'll update here in a while to let you know if that stopped them.

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    That seems to have worked. No messages from 9114 since my last post.

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    Ok, don't worry. I think I've isolated this obscure problem. (Sprint techs take note). It's actually your own doing and don't become paranoid about spam texts. This is NOT spam text. It's a problem with Sprint Mobile email application that comes on most phones.

    It's actually meant to be quite helpful since it will allow you to get push email (ie instant email or blackberry like email) straight to your phone. The problem is if you uninstall the program, or do a hard reset on your phone without resetting your email information on the server, it will keep sending the email (push) notification in the form of the 9114 text message gibberish. Usually this text would get interpreted by the Sprint email program. I have the Touch and found out through trial an error and noticing that the texts come at the same time I kept getting emails.

    A more decisive fix instead of just blocking the text message sender is by using the Sprint email program and re-enter your infomation for your previous email account. If you don't remember just start sending emails to your various email accounts (allow a few minutes between each) and wait to see if you get a text from 9114. When you find out which email it is, you should register with that same account again. Once you have done that select re-register under the menu. Don't enter anything after that. It will clear your info off the server and now you can uninstall the email program AND you will stop getting the texts.

    So in short, don't blame the gmail or yahoo, it's not their fault. While I'm usually the first person to jump on Sprint customer service for their general lack of knowledge on a lot of things, this is a pretty obscure problem. The program is really to blame although it's a symptom of a helpful feature.

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    9114 is the 'push' freature from Yahoo mail trying to tell you that you have email. You can turn this notification feature off through Yahoo, block texts from 9114 at or call tech support and we can add the block for you. :)

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    Hello Imajika.


    How exactly do you turn this notification feature off through Yahoo as you mentioned in your Christmas eve post?



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    How do you disable the setting through Yahoo?

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    to the sprint rep: i did call sprint about the problem and they ended up blocking all incoming AND outgoing texting for numbers less than 10 digits long. they did not block the specfiic number i wanted blocked (9114)


    someone mentioned to change the setting on yahoo.

    1. when you log on to yahoo somewhere (usually upper left corner of screen) it will say "hi your-name-here" and have a down arrow. click on the down arrow

    2. go to "account info"

    3. type your passowrd in again

    4. go down to section "manage apps and website connections"

    5. check the selected area you want removed.


    i assume this is what the person was talking about, now lets see if that helps.


    and i had over 10 email accounts active on my Lg Rumor (1st edition) and NEVER recieved a text from 9114. i started to recieve texts from 9114 when my BB 8330 was activated. no contacts no settings not even an email app set up and i was receiving 1-10ish daily for awhile then they slowed down. so hopefully this will work?

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    I've had my new phone for only a few days and I've gotten texts from this number 6 or 7 times but I don't have Yahoo mail so I doubt I can change my settings

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