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do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave

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After a long, frustrating process with Sprint's customer service, my biggest advice is do NOT purchase this phone if you use an Airrave. What the Sprint commercials and stores do not tell you is that Sprint's Airrave is not yet compatible with the iphone. We have been receiving old text messages over and over (up to 10 times in the span of an evening) and cannot send any outgoing texts. Why no one mentioned this when purchasing the phone beats me, but Im pretty sure it has to do with Sprint's complete lack of interdepartmental communication and the fact they can get away with selling you a phone and not taking it back.

Of course we spoke to Airrave support (3 times) and they upgraded the firmware but ultimately we were told that this was a known problem and that there is "nothing more they can do" before sending us to "customer service." So we explained the situation to customer service, who of course had no clue that there was such an issue (along with the people in the retail stores). Their ultimate solution was to send a replacement phone (REFURBISHED HTC Hero) until the problem is resolved. Well, this "solution" has some problems: 1. We spent 200 dollars for an upgraded phone but now we have to use an 80 dollar phone (thats 80 dollars NEW - we are not being provided a refund of the difference). 2. Now I have to spend the time calling them every month to see if the problem is fixed (which they have no idea as to when). The solution we were looking for is to have the iphone replaced with a comparable phone (in price) like the Evo 4G. Had we known about this issue, that's the phone we would have purchased in the first place.

I think if they knew when this problem will be solved, especially since they've had the iphone already for 4 months, and they can confirm it will be a relatively short period of time, then I would be more willing to accept their offer; otherwise, I believe that the fairest solution would be to replace the iphone with a phone that is compatible with the Airrave. We are out 200 dollars and are forced to use a phone now that we never wanted. So much for waiting for the upgrade.

I would stick with the Evo if I were you.

Buyer beware!

  • 1. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    I have an Airave and for the most part it works with it, and whenever it faces a problem, so is every other phone in the house. Sometimes all of the phones on it will receive duplicate texts. What model Airave do you have? I have the Airvana Airave. Do not let them replace that iPhone with the Hero! That is a RIP-OFF. Unless of course they're letting you keep your iPhone and just sending you the Hero temporarily. If they ask you to send the iPhone back to them, DON'T. You will never get it back.

  • 2. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    Thank You for posting this. I actually work for Sprint and have an Airave device due to not getting a great signal downstairs (upstairs is great). I have had my iphone for a few days now and have been racking my brain trying to figure out why mine is the only phone in the house having text issues. I unplugged my Airave and tested it after reading this and the text went through. So the Airave is somehow blocking outgoing texts (and causing duplicates to come through). This is not a well known issue within the department I am in either, but we do not work with many customers that have iphones. Have you tested your phone without the Airave plugged in? It is possible the towers around your house have improved. If not, you can go to https://network.sprint.com to see any upcoming improvements in your area. Good luck and thank you again for this post. 

  • 3. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    Evidently this problem has not been resolved.  My wife has an adroid and no issues with texting.  I just got the I4 and it doesn't work at all with the airave Airvana.  It was delivered yesterday, so obviously Sprint is having an internal communication problem.

  • 4. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    Spoke to a Sprint representative yesterday and they acknowledged the airave/iphone problem.  According to Sprint, it is an airave issue they (airave/airvana) are working on it.  Didn't sound like they were making headway.  Sprint is sending me a return kit and swapped me back to my old plan.

  • 5. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    This is strange. I have had my iPhone 4S since the day it was released, and it has worked just fine with my 3G Airave. The only issue I seem to have is there is no call waiting beep when connected to the Airave, but that issue still exists with the HTC EVO 4G in the house as well. I do try and keep my iPhone WiFi on when home for better speeds.

    All in all, my iPhone Airave experience has been exactly the same as my EVO Airave experience...

  • 6. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    The communication regarding the problem is listed under the Airave device as it may affect different phones with different software, so you have to be searching for it under the Airave to see it is a known issue. Glad we were able to get you set back up.

  • 7. do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    The main issues are with  receiving duplicate messages and not able to send outbound text messages. Calling on the Airave should not be affected. Also, I do not believe the original Airave device impacts the service, only the newer one. 

  • 8. Re: do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    Does anyone have any update or fixes for this?? our nrighbor has an airvana, and even after restricting the access to only their phone numbers, both my phone (photon ) and my bfs (iphone) are still connecting to it. my phone works fine on it, and when i leave the apartment, it disconnects and grabs another tower and is totally fine, but the iphone will not work AT ALL. it wont send msgs, it gets texts over and over, and calls wont come in or out except one or two times over a few hours. then when he leaves and it isnt in the range of the airvana. he can text and call out, but nothing will go TO his phone at all. we have got him a BRAND NEW iphone from apple, we have been on the phone and in stores since March and this is still happeneing.. they are sending us our own airvana to try and see if that helps, but i just dont have any hope reading all these posts.. we will be having Sprint cancel us with NO term fee if this continues.


    do you have any news or someone you are working with who knows about these issues that we can contact maybe??

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    This is a known issue for the Iphones in general (AT&T + VERIZON too).

    Even if you don't have airave, and you have the phone on wifi, it will block the traffic for the regular txt messages, the only ones that Apple has programmed to work over wifi is IMessages (apple device to apple device).

    This is not a Sprint issue, it's an apple issue.

    Since the Airave is nothing but a sort of router, the iphone looks at it just as a router for data, not as a gateway for the radio frencuency.


    I don't know how clear this is for you guys, to fix this, leave the IMesage on auto, and turn wifi off to test the txt issue.

  • 10. Re: do NOT purchase iphone 4s if you use AirRave
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    It is not an issue with Wi-Fi. We have tested this issue all ways and even with Wifi totally off- it does the same thing. Is there anyone from Sprint that can help with the acutal issue we are having, which after 3 months of issues is an airave?

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    I've begun having this same issue. The calls come through, and go to VM because I don't get the "beep" saying I have a call coming through! What good is call waiting if it doesn't let you know about the call coming in?

    We've also been on the phone several times for several hours with Sprint's airrave dept trying to fix the connection of the airrave. It won't hold the "signal" for more than a few hours at a time. Then it needs to be reset.

    Anyone else having these same issues?

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    Yes, i just noticed this issue.  If I'm already on a call and happen to look at the screen I would know there was another call but the call waiting beep doesn't happen. I called into tech support yesterday and after having me reset network and reset all, I was told I had to take the phone into the repair store.  I found this post, so just called in again to tech support.  They transferred me to someone who knows about airrave issues and then I was told it's a known issue and they're working on it.  I'm glad I didn't have to take my phone in and have everything reset again!

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