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1/19 - Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update - EL30

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Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update - EL30



- Security update

- Speaker feedback fix

- The QIK and Asphalt 5 applications are no longer preloaded.  When opening

  the applications using the application icon, you will be redirected to the

  Android market to download and install the full application. 

  * After the QIK install, you will need to login using your original

    account information or create a new account.  All contacts should remain intact

  * After the Asphalt 5 install, previous game play data (eg. levels) will not be retained.


Important Notes

- Software version is: S:D700.0.5S.EL30

- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within

  approximately 10 days

- Refer to the Samsung Epic Software Update blog for install instructions  


1/26 update:

If a force close error is displayed when you receive an incoming call, ensure the "reject call with message"

set up includes no more than 5 messages.  To access these settings, go to

Menu > Settings > Call settings > Reject with  message, choose the menu key and select 'delete', check

the box next to each message to be deleted and select 'delete' again.


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