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Epic 4G No Ability to Receive/Transmit In-Call Audio but Media Volume OK

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EDIT: Following the steps necessary to wipe data (factory reset) and reboot the phone successfully solved this problem. The ring tone is working and I am able to use both the handset and the speakerphone. Thank you, Sprint, for providing me with the information nessary to solve the problem.



I have been looking through the forum this morning and have noticed that lots of users are complaining about the in-call volume since receiving various updates. In reading, I have not found a post that is parallel to the issue I am experiencing.

In terms of volume on the phone, I am able to play games, watch YouTube videos and utilze anything involving "media volume." However, when it comes to incoming phone call notifications, alarms or actually speaking on the phone, I have no audio at all. I have made several test phone calls and the phone does not ring and once the call is answered neither the caller nor I can hear any audio, the line is just silent on both ends. I have tried using both the handset and the speakerphone.

I would find it very difficult to believe this is a hardware issue as I am able to listen to "media" without an issue on the phone's internal speaker.

Is anyone else experiencing an issue similar to this recently?

Another note, before this issue ocurred I had the same issue other were experiencing with in-call volume being tremendously loud and having to hold the handset away from my ear.

I paid several hundred dollars for this phone and extremely upset at the idea of having to go back to Sprint and exchange it after already having had to PAY for this phone after returning my Samsung Intercept that I was swindled into buying (a piece of junk).

I just read in Consumer Reports that the Samsung Epic 4G was rated the Number 3 smart phone in the United States. It's smart, but now it's no longer a phone.

Sprint, I use you for both work and my personal phone. Between the three lines, I spend over $2,000/year with you. I have a social media following of over 30,000 people and would hate to have to encourage all my readers to search for another providor.

Please, get in touch with me and help me find a solution that does not involve me emptying my pockets and wasting gas driving back and forth to your stores.


Thank you.

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