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Sprint iPhone 4s Data Speeds are SOOO SLOW!  0.06 mpbs!

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So I switched from my android phone to an iphone 4s and love the switch.  But...and this is huge, the data speeds in my area are incredibly slow.  I've been measuring them regularly when I travel and when I'm home and this is just not right.  At home, I'm getting speeds of 0.06 mpbs and even 0.04 mbps.  When I travel, I run the same test and get results of 1.11 mbps and even 1.4 mbps.  I know this isn't AT&T speed but 0.06 is hardly useable. 

  • 1. Sprint iPhone 4s Data Speeds are SOOO SLOW!  0.06 mpbs!
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    There's a huge thread on this issue with people who have the same problem as you. There's a few posts with screen shots of data speeds at 0.00 mbps for download. I had one for a week but went back to my malfunctioning EVO 3D becuase I missed flash player and the Iphone is too small for me to type on. While I owned it, I never had such an issue with data speeds. I got around the same speeds you mention when you travel. Call up CS and tell them about your problem, ask to speak with a supervisor or account services if the rep is unhelpful. Maybe your area has some sort of issue or maybe it is the phone because 0.06 mbps seems like 1x speeds and some of these newer smartphones never display 1x properly. I had the same problem last night with my EVO, it was getting 1x speeds while the other two on my plan were getting 3G speeds blazing fast around 1.8 mbps because it was around 2 or 3 AM. Your best bet is to call up CS, honestly.

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    Please post your iPhone 4/4g data speed issue in the above topic. So far thats the only topic Sprint pays attention to.

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    I'm having the same problem ever since I got my iphone 4s and I switched from att which was a big mistake. I can't even surf the web on my phone its so annoying. Call after call to CS. They have no idea what their doing. I made like 4 tickets and nothing is ever done. I'm paying for data and I can't even use it!! When people ask about Sprint I tell them NO, never get sprint. I had it. I'm in the LA area which they should offer faster speed, right?

  • 4. Sprint iPhone 4s Data Speeds are SOOO SLOW!  0.06 mpbs!
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    me and my husband have the same phone galaxy s2 4g he goes through att and i go to sprint my phone is so slow im ****** his loads faster and does everything faster its the same phone i know how ya feel

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