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Cant connect my phone to my computer

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When i got my new phone the top-slide-down-bar was white, in order to connect i would have to sort of plug in the wire very slowly and not let it go in all the way right away. oviously this was a problem, but who cares. anyways after it connects a screen would pop up on my phone and a green android guy with a usb hand would be there with a connect action. unfortunately, after i got some update where it turned the top-slide-down-bar black, i cannot connect. each time i try to connect it just charges, if i do that slow plug in trick it will show a new drive that i remember was used as my phone before the update. if i click it it will say"please insert a disk into drive e"(the letter all depends). i remember before the update it would say that before i pressed the connect button next to the little green android guy that turns orange after you connect. this time there are only two options. option 1. click usb tethering on my phone which seems to basically disconnect it and just charge it. option 2. at the bottom right corner of my computer screen with the little icons and clock, there is a new option after i pre-connect and the only option on it is "safely remove hardware". so what do i do. Help Please. The new music album "Street King" by famous Houston rapper "Trae" came out and i downloaded it onto my computer legally. but i cant put it on my phone, and youtube on my phone is taking forever. i dont want to just use the same songs on my phone forever! oh and i would attach many pictures of the problem but i cant connect! i suppose i could download it onto my yahoo account, but you bet the point


Straight to the point...After i updated my sprint phone i cant connect my phone to my computer Help


  • 1. Cant connect my phone to my computer
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    oh also my brother has another sprint phone like mine, he didnt get the update so the top-slide-down-bar is still white. he can still connect! just gotta do the slow plug in trick and his connects. im jealous. so i know the probem is with my phone not my computer

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          I haven't seen reports of this problem on the Replenish. My first impression is that it may be the cable you're using to connect to the computer. I would definitely try a different cable first, if you have one. Also, try uninstalling anti-virus or task killer apps as they have been known in interfere with mass storage mode. Often updating or reinstalling drivers on your computer works. This phone uses the standard usb disk drive drivers so that's what you would be looking to reinstall. If all else fails, a factory reset may fix this problem. Also, a possible workaround for your MP3 situation.. You could email the mp3s to yourself or possibly download them directly from the source to your phone. I hope this helps!



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