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The fine print..

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I been out the military for 4 months now, unfortunately I missed 3 payment before I got out. My final bill when my phone got turned off was $300ish. Now it income tax time and I was thinking lets pay this bill and get back to my social life on the phone, maybe lower my plan that's best for my income. 7 months later I check to see how much the bill is and notice a big change. Another $300 added to the bill even though it was cut off, and unused. Was there a fine print that says even though you stop paying your bill and the phone cut off that we still charge you monthly? How is this so?

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    If you stop paying your bills Sprint has a right to cut off your service.  However, they still charge you monthly because you signed a contract with them.   Just because you don't pay your bills doesn't mean it lets you out of your contract -- so sprint gets to keep charging you monthly.   They have to cut off your service because if they didn't then you could essentially use their service without paying.  And because you signed a contract that essentially states you'd pay for x amount of months unless you pay the ETF, they can charge you monthly even if you don't pay your bills.  It makes sense, really.  If everybody could just stop paying their bills and not be charged for the rest of their contract then everyone would be getting the best phone, pay a month or two worth of bills, decide to not pay bills anymore and sell their new phone on ebay. 

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    You signed a service agreement with Sprint for two years of service. You are required to pay for that committment in full. Even though the service was turned off for non-payment you are still bound by the agreement you entered into.


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    Hi qualitypaid4

    This is JoseNunez from the Our Sprint Community Team. Thank you for posting your question here.

    Every customer has the responsibility to report to Sprint what he/she will be doing with the Sprint service before stopping the monthly payments. If customer fails to make the necessary arrangements, monthly bills will continue even though the service is not being used. This is due to the fact that Sprint has a grace period before it suspends an account for non-payment.

    Please feel free to send me a private message if you need any further explanation of the charges on your bill.

    Thank you for choosing Sprint.


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    There are a couple of things things that happen when you do not pay your bill.

    First thing is we limit the mail lines ability to make calls

    Second we prevent all of the phones from being able to make or receive calls

    Third we disconnect the account.  At this point we no longer charge for service.

    Fourth we cancel the account  At this point we charge the early termination fee/

    Each month we send out a bill it shows the amount owing and all new charges to include a late fee. 

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