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  • 30. sprint nascar mobile
    DEATHR0W Regular Visitor
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    Hello Larry

    Thanks for the update... So which phones will the Nascar App be actively working on ? Motorola Photon , EvO Ect ??

  • 31. sprint nascar mobile
    jnsr Regular Visitor
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    It's not just Blackberry, my Samsung phone doesn't get it either. This is Sprint dropping the ball. No advanced notice on either the bill or via text. On, they are still showing my phone as being able to get the nascar app. They really, really are screwing up. This list is outdated and no one is doing anything about it at Sprint. Heck, most of their employees still don't know about it.

    It's been over 48 hours since I was told that I'd receive a call from 'Ole Dan's' office. No call. Maybe it's because it's the weekend though. Maybe I'll get a call tomorrow.

  • 32. sprint nascar mobile
    abe2020 Master
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    jnsr -NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile application is being decommissioned on several phones on 02/17/2012

    • Application will now only be available on Android devices 2.2 or newer
    • No longer available on
    • CDMA Java (feature phones)
    • iDEN Java (feature phones)
    • BlackBerry
    • Window devices
    • Palm devices

    Hope this helps


  • 33. sprint nascar mobile
    Fyrstorm24 Newbie
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    This is ridiculous... I can't believe changes like this are made with no forewarning to customers.  My feeling is if Sprint wants to discontinue this app on my device I may as well discontinue my contract with Sprint ASAP- I will not be forced to upgrade to their "preferred" phone.  There are too many choices out there.  When will company's learn that ongoing customer service matters.  EXTREMELY dissatisfied with Sprint and you can bet I will be sharing my thoughts with anyone I can...

  • 34. sprint nascar mobile
    Mayven65 Regular Visitor
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    It is ridiculous, I'd like to know who's bright idea was it to get rid of Sprint Cup Mobile on all phones except Androids.  I know it was someone in corporate.  They are always doing stupid things.  Looks like they still don't get it, that customers matter. 

  • 35. sprint nascar mobile
    blb0528 Newbie
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    It has been 2 days since I not only sent and email on the Sprint site and to "Dan".  All I have gotten are automated emails and no phone calls.  I will be getting new phone service and discontinuing my contract with Sprint early.  Still very upset that I got no notice that this app was no longer going to be available on my phone.  Nascar is the only reason that I got celluar sevice thru Sprint in the first place.  Thank God that I don;t treat my customers they way they do

  • 36. sprint nascar mobile
    ZMC Regular Visitor
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    I too am a very annoyed and angry customer who has been with Sprint/Nextel for almost 10 years and has been using this App ever since it was on Nextel phones and you had to pay for it. I just upgraded my phone to a BB Bold 9930 in August and now don't have access to one of the main features that I choose Sprint for. I don't have the type of money to just go upgrading my phone on any given day without my 2-year upgrade, and mainly, I hate the unsecure nature of Android phones. We as Sprint customers should have been notified of this change far in advance and given options around it. This is ridiculous, and I just chatted with a rep online regarding this change and he didn't even know anything about it, and told me that my phone was supported, here is the chat:


    Sprint: You're in our Chat queue in position 6. Please hold for the next available specialist.

    Greg H: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will enable you to view other Web pages while we chat.

    Simply click the white Yes button below now.

    Greg H: Thanks for moving the chat window.

    Greg H: Thank you for contacting Sprint. Please hold a moment while I access your account.

    Greg H: Let me check this for you.

    You: Thank you

    Greg H: Can you please confirm your phone number?

    You: **********

    Greg H: Thanks for the confirmation.

    Greg H: Thanks for waiting.

    Greg H: Do you have download Nascar Id pack in your phone?

    You: Is it available for my phone, the Blackberry 9930? I have Sprint Cup Mobile downloaded.

    Greg H: I have checked the details and found that your phone is compatible with Sprint Cup Mobile during NASCAR races. It seems

    some technical issue in your phone this is the reason you are facing this issue.Please call our technical support team at 888-211-4727

    they will check this for you and fixed it for you.

    You: Ok, thank you

    Greg H: You 're welcome.

    Greg H: Thank you chatting with us.


    Quite insane that your own reps don't even know. Also, the rep mentioned Sprint ID which is specifically for Android devices and didn't even know that I couldn't get it on Blackberry's. I thought I had overlooked something, but I went and double checked.

  • 37. sprint nascar mobile
    ZMC Regular Visitor
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    To add onto my previous post, I just went to the support page for my devices services, and it still shows that NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile is still supported on my Bold 9930. See below: States under Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile "This service works with you phone"


  • 38. sprint nascar mobile
    jnsr Regular Visitor
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    Yeah, my phone on is still showing as being able to get the app. I also got a reply to my letter. No phone call. I was told it's because I didn't leave a number or an account number. Said I could reply to the email though. So I did. I think it's just automated stuff. I told the lady, someone named Carol using 'ole Dan's email address, that I think I said it all in the email I sent to them!! What idiots. But I stated my view again on it all.

    And I can't believe it's been days and the customer service reps still don't have a clue. Neither does tech, though most of the time they don't have a clue anyway. 9 times out of 10 when I've had to call tech services, they tell me to drive almost 40 miles to the nearest Sprint phone store in my area. So I start messing about with the phone and end up solving the problem myself. They should hire me. I know more about the darn things than any of those people at tech services.

    Has anyone been able to get any sort of credit or anything for an android phone?

  • 39. sprint nascar mobile
    stevejamie1188 Regular Visitor
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    I'm still waiting for someone to contact me. The Daytona 500 is this coming sunday. I wonder if we're going to be happy customers by then?

  • 40. sprint nascar mobile
    mad45320 Regular Visitor
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    I emailed Dan last week, have heard nothing back. I really don't think Sprint cares how agry their cusmters are over this, bot account managers I talked to basically didn't give a **** that I couldn't get this feature any longer, and both tried to blame NASCAR. I am fed up with Sprint, I wonder how they think ******* customers off is a good thing for their future business..

  • 41. sprint nascar mobile
    stevejamie1188 Regular Visitor
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    No one has contacted me. The first time I called they told me it was only the blackberrys that would not have the app anymore. But then low and behold, that is not the case. I was about to go off on blackberry! When I emailed Dan I didn't put in my account number. Just my cell phone number.

    I've called numerous times already and got absolutely no where. They won't budge. Well, I'm not budging until they do something for us. We were not made aware of this ahead of time. I believe because of that, we should be compensated. We should be able to get a free phone upgrade whether its time or not. That is the least the could do. I don't think its too much to ask. I just want a phone that the app will work on.

    They also need to update their phones because some phones are still showing they support the app when they don't.

  • 42. sprint nascar mobile
    stevejamie1188 Regular Visitor
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    I've also filed a complaint with the BBB. If that fails, then I'll move on to the next step.

  • 43. sprint nascar mobile
    mad45320 Regular Visitor
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    My email to Dan was demanding to be let out of my contract for FREE or FREE upgrads to the Andriod phones, again I have heard nothing back, and truely believe that Sprint doesn't care

  • 44. sprint nascar mobile
    ZMC Regular Visitor
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    Can't we claim false advertising since they are still showing that it is supported on our devices even though it is not?

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