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ACOLEMAN4U Regular Visitor
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Will sprint carry the new HTC line preferably the One X if so when will it be available

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    Cfisher2011 Newbie
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    AT&T has an exclusive deal on it right now...Hopefully it won't last long.


    This should be a Sprint phone!

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    ACOLEMAN4U Regular Visitor
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    I certainly hope so, Ive been with Sprint for over ten year havent had any issues and would love to stick with HTC and its new series of phones  

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    gregoryeh Newbie
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    Sprint should do what ever it takes to get the HTC one x with the tegra3

    They could grab a lot of people that won't like the fact att had to down grade for lte


    Plus we know HTC phones rock. Right now the fastest sprint phone is still the HTC eco 3d

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    TARONBA1 Valued Member
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    I hope Sprint doesn't demand a really, long, pointless naming convention so we aren't involved in that marketing nonsence. Good products get demanded regardless of tricks and cutivity.

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    Cfisher2011 Newbie
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    HTC One X that AT&T is getting will only be a dual core (not the Tegra 3 quad core).

    The Tegra 3 chip wasn’t LTE-compatible when the handset entered production several months ago.


    Hopefully Sprint will pick up this phone when they start lighting up LTE....The new Tegra 3 chip.

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    War-Stoke Newbie
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    well there were rumors of a phone with specs like the one x a few months ago people on su and xda chat rooms were refering to it as the evo matrix could that be this

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    TARONBA1 Valued Member
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    HTC phones are the ONLY PHONES that rescale your text, on the fly, when you pinch-to-zoom. Not the iPhone, not the Galaxy thingy nor the Moto whatever. Motorola rescale's text after you reorient from portrait to landscape, or visa versa., but that's it! I truly hope they keep this capability, going forward. OBTW, this IS my next phone, on Sprint! Sprint has exceptional customer service, doesn't throttle customers and is cheaper per ARPU. Excellent coverage in the Nassau co., NY area. Thanks folks!

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    jgo304 Valued Member
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    You guys are dead wrong on this.  We want NOTHING to do with the Tegra 3 chipset, its Cortex A9 is outdated, slow, and inefficient.

    What we want is the Qualcomm Krait Chipset with the Adreno 3xx Graphics (Summer 12 release).  The Krait is actually a derived Cortex A15 and in its dual core version absolutely SMOKES the Tegra 3 in all CPU tests.  I cannot imagine what the Quad Krait will do paired with the 3xx graphics.

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    BLACKASH521 Valued Member
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    The version at&t is getting is so much better. as jgo said the krait is the way to go. the t3 still only preforms at the level of the samsung exo procs.

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    Debacl3 Newbie
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         You are dead on about the Krait SoC. The dual core S4 (and S4 pro with updated Adreno graphics) outperforms Nvidia's quad core all day. Plus, thermals are better as well. I very much look forward to seeing the quad Krait, too.

    Asynchronous cpu core operation is much more efficient than the companion core thing that Nvidia has, especially with more cores. Krait is not only the first to market with the 28nm process (for mobile applications), it's also first to have a fully integrated LTE modem, meaning slimmer phones, and better battery life. Qualcomm gets it right.


    It's sad to see people thinking that it's a downgrade just because you get 2 cores instead of 4. I'll most likely go with Sprint's variant of the One X, which they'll hopefully get, to hold off until HTC releases a quad S4 pro based handset.

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    Inuchanz Regular Visitor
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    This is going to be an event worth watching. The Sprint and HTC event that is coming up better have a nice phone. Not to many were happy with the Echo. Lets hope that we get a new flagship phone for Sprint. We need to be able to brag again.

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    TARONBA1 Valued Member
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    EVO folks, EVO! C'mon. A little respect, pls!

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    moslondon1 Regular Visitor
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    .. sprint should get more and good choices : 1.5ghz quad-core phones, 1280-by-720 at least.. retina display ,12mp rear camera, 2mp front facing camera, international phones for example .... something to say ''wow this is one of the best smartphones in the market'' to keep it for long time.... iphone 4s, photon 4g, galaxy s2 are good but not as good as att and verizon phones and also these phones are getting old and not compatible with the new LTE network

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