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How to get Text Message Records?

Mdaniels178 Newbie
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I am new to sprint and with all of my other carriers I could get a text message log along with a call log. Does Sprint not offer this or do I have to call and request one?

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    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    Yes, at this time Sprint does not include a text message log with your bill or online.  You will need to call into customer service by dialing *2 on your phone and request a record for text message details. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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    goolia75 Newbie
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    I, personally, think that enough people complained about having the text log that they stopped providing it. Some people like to "hide" who they're texting from their parents, spouse, etc. Those people ruin it for the rest of us that just want the info for ourselves. Sprint uses privacy as a reason, but that makes no sense. We, as users, log onto a personal account using a private username and password. Everything in our account information should be available to the account holder, including texts. Another reason is they probably don't want the extra cost of having to log and provide all the text numbers every months. Every other phone provider I've been with has always provided monthly text records with their statements. In my opinion, Sprint's lack of text logs is a big downfall that needs to be changed!

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    mavka Bronze Expert
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    Goolia, dude. Let's think for a minute. Sprint will respond to a request for text message history, and send you a copy of your text log. I hope you can see the obvious here. They're already storing it; hence, there isn't any extra cost. I doubt many people request a copy of their text history unless there's a serious matter involved. I mean the phone is right there in your hand. For that reason alone, I have to imagine the complaints on this topic are very low. In a quick Google search, I find ATT shows date/to/from online, and Verizon seems to show nothing. Both require a formal request to divulge anything juicy.

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    Mikejowers Newbie
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    You have to request it from Sprint, Something I do not understand ! Its totally ridiculous !  its a privacy issue . Go figure ! you can see all to and from phone calls, you can view your picture mail online but you can not view what numbers text messages are going to or coming from. Its the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in my life. Makes no sense ! Oh, and after you request the form you then have to fill it out and have it notarized . Then send it back to Sprint . Makes you want to switch carriers !

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    Stateline_Env Newbie
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    Not only do you need to have it notorized, it's considered a subpoena.  I've heard it can take six to eight weeks to receive the text logs and it's 18 months worth of information.  I've considered it for tracking business issues, but can you imagine the stack of paper that's going to come!?  For some of our volumes, I figure that's anywhere between 18,000 and 25,000 text messages over the course of that time. 


    Also, after April 30th, you will no longer be able to see picture messages.  It is my understanding that that site will be shut down.  I have seen no information on a new site or that it will be combined with anything. 

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    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    Hi Stateline_Env,


    Thanks for the input.  Just to clarify the procedure for requesting text message records, I'd like to post the details on the process.


    Customer care submits a request to have the form sent within 7-10 days for you to fill out and get notarized.  Once we receive the form, we send out the previous 90 days of text message history within 7-10 days.


    The picture messaging site is being decommissioned and will no longer be available after April 30th.  At this time, there hasn't been any indication of creating a new site or combining it with any thing else at this time.  If I see something come across, I'll be sure to post it.


    I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  Please note, we do hear you all and it has been discussed and passed along.  If anything new comes across in regards to text history or picture mail services, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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    Stateline_Env Newbie
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    That's interesting.  Only 90 days worth of messages now?  Last time I had looked into it, you could get 18 months.


    I'd like to ask why the picture messaging site is being decommissioned?

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    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    You are correct, when the records request process first began, it was 18 months.  Since then, it has been modified and now allows for the previous 90 days.  I would venture to guess that it was in effort to cut down on the amount of information 18 months of records generates.


    From my understanding, the picture messaging site is being decommissioned because less than 3% of active picture message subscribers actively use the site.  With the increasing number of devices that have the ability to upload your pictures directly to social media sites like Facebook, Photobucket, Flicker and Snapfish, the picture mail site is not being utilized enough to justify the resources necessary to maintain it.

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    bigmkc1 Newbie
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    It's ridiculous to not show text message records online.  It shows voice calls made and received, so why not text messages?  I'm not asking for text message content, just the text message records.  And whoever has access to the account and is paying the bill has a right to see who is being texted and what time.  This makes me want to change my carrier.  This is asinine. 

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    becky_0428 Newbie
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    It doesn't make me want to switch carriers. Everyone keeps comparing it to being able to access a call log when it is very different. Call logs don't give you details, word for word, of the conversation. It gives you a phone number and possibly a date and time (depending on the carrier). Text messages are kept on the phone until the user deletes it, at least on every phone and with every carrier I've ever used. If you need it, don't delete it!

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    goolia75 Newbie
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    Becky, you seem to be missing the point. My phone account is MY phone account. I pay for this service. I should have the RIGHT to see every number that has been texted or that I've received a text from, just as I can see every number that is called or calls me. My phone fills up and tends to error a lot when I keep tons of texts. It would be ridiculous to expect someone to keep every text from every number. Sprint should at least show the numbers that texts are sent to and from. They should be more available if requested. They don't need to send out text records with a paper bill, but having text records online SHOULD be available to the account owner. I think that the people who want to hide affairs, etc have completely ruined it for the rest of us who just want the records available. A few rotten apples spoil the bunch!

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    andrup50202 Newbie
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    i just called sprint and talked to 2 reps that bolth told me it is impossable for them to pull a test message record

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    anadlas Newbie
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    Verizon also shows you the number you are texting to/getting texts from, the date/time, but not the actual conversation of course.

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    hiero796 Newbie
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    Sprint's privacy policies are a bunch of contradictions.  You would be amazed to know how easy it is for someone to call and have sprint transfer your number to a new ESN, install family locator, swap the number back and then track your movements.  Happened to me.  Worst part is that Sprint refused to tell me who the counterfeit ESN belonged to without a court order.  Their rationale was that the friggin identity thieving swindler had a right to privacy and therefore they could not disclose to me anything about the swap other than to confirm that it happened. 

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