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Were being told One thing in stores and another by customer service

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Its becoming obvious to me by reading the posts and from my own experiences that we are being giving conflicting stories as to why things are the way they are IE: phone services,accounts, network etc. I thought the wave of computers we currently cant live without now days would help bridge the communication gap. I walk into sprint store and technician tells me they are having trouble with network because there is a scheduled repair or update to tower. (by the way I would never had known until he said). Sprint could announce this right? I called customer service to ask how long this update may take, and they have no idea what I'm talking about. They say there's no problem although my friends family, and coworkers are experiencing similiar drop calls and no connection. I guess they believe all of our phones took a **** at the same time. Yea Right!!

Sprint is becoming less beleivable because the stories seem to always conflict from one representative to another.


Also customer service, this is for you. When I call and give you the wireless number and I'm dropped while explaining the issue, would you try to have the courtesy to call that number back so we can continue to resolve it? I'm writing this here because my computer is way more reliable than the phone.

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