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To many repair

BigWillyWill Regular Visitor
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I been dealing with the same problem on my epic 4g only to have it either hard reset or giving the same phone with more problem then the first.

Sprint need to deal with fixing phone the right way. I tired of going into the shop only to hear it just needs to be reset time and time again.

Do y'all think i like coming down to the store everyday? The answer is no i pay you alot of money to have a good working phone but that is still to be seen. Im getting tired of dealing with Sprint and repairs. So the ball is in your court now Sprint do something with it and fix your phone right or start giving out new phone like apple does.

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    So does the reset actually fix the least temporarily?  If so, maybe it is an application you continually reinstall.  You didn't really say what your problem was with the Epic...if you could elaborate it might help us find a permanent solution.   If the solution is to reset your phone, why do you have to go to the store to have that done.  You can easily do the reset yourself by going to home/menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset -


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    I didn't know apple provided cell phone service.

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    BigWillyWill Regular Visitor
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    I know how to reset my phone im not dumb.

    Even after i reset it it still doing the same thing.

    I dont put no apps on it and it stills does it.

    And taking it to the store is the only way to

    show that im having problem with it.

    I know how to use my phone and i dont just download anything.

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