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LG Optimus S intermittently will not ring for incoming calls

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It seems like sometime after I downgraded my phone back to froyo from the gingerbread update, my phone doesn't reliably ring when someone calls me. Please note there is nothing wrong with my speaker. In addition to it not ringing, it doesn't vibrate or the lcd light up either. The caller hears on their end the usual 6 rings before being handed off to voice mail. I then get a notice of a voice mail or a missed call attempt *sometimes*. Sometimes if that caller doesn't leave a voicemail I don't even get a missed call notice.


I've been talking to Sprint customer service for weeks now and getting nowhere with this issue. I've taken my phone twice to a repair store. They hard reset the phone and resintalled the phone software. This didn't help at all. The other day they created a CTMS network ticket (19005484-120227) and called to follow up saying that while there were no tower outages in my area, they was a "capacity" problem. But that my phone should now ring when called. BUT IT STILL DOES NOT. It only rings about 75% of the time. The phone worked fine for over a year and unless there is some new network issue that I'm not being told about, this problem seemed to coincide with me downgrading my phone back to froyo (using instructions and software provided from this website). Shortly after that I became aware of several texts that were sent to me, that I never received as well. BTW I didn't have any of the major problems that other reported with gingerbread. I used it successfully until January 2012 before I even became aware that gingerbread was broken on this phone, when I couldn't update the voicemail app. After I had that problem and a Sprint representative here told me that gingerbread is not supported (first I ever heard that!), then I followed the instructions on how downgrade to froyo.


What can I do to get Sprint to fix this problem? I'm paying for a phone, that doesn't do the most basic thing a phone should do and I'm seriously contemplating terminating my Sprint service, ETF or not. How can I be expected to continue to pay for service that isn't being provided? In addition data service (at least in my home ares) on the phone is beyond horrible. It rarely operates in 3G mode, always spends 1-2 minutes trying to figure out it can operate in 3G, downshifts to 1G, then usually gets horrible data rates. I can easily spend 5 minutes trying to load a simple webpage, often I just give up. I've complained to Sprint about this as well and of course I'm told that I'm the best possible coverage area (which they've even been telling me everytime I call about my phone not ringing as well). Do they ever say anything else? Meanwhile on one of my trips to the repair store one of the techs there revealed that there is a serious capacity issue here and was not surprised at all about the slow data rates. He said that Sprint is of course aware of the issue and is installing hardware in the area that should be complete by sometime in the summer.


I want my phone fixed and proper service delivered!

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    It is not your phone - capacity means there are too many calls in the location you are in and some are rejecting or rolling to voicemail. This would also make sense with the slow data that you describe. If the agent did not advise you of when increases were scheduled you can go to https://network.sprint.com/ and enter your address and it will show when upgrades are scheduled.


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    I am having the same problem and it is really frustrating. I can get no help anywhere for this problem. I have missed calls from my daughters school because of it. I am really unhappy with this phone and sprint service.  there is no reason for "too many calls in the area" and seems to me as just an easy excuse for a continued problem that people at sprint can't figure out. I keep my phone updated with the newest updates all the time to try to make it work properly. IT STILL DOESN'T. I also am seriously considering going to another carrier where I can get help with issues and better service.

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    I told Sprint that I would have to cancel service because obviously it makes no sense to pay for phone service and yet have about a 50% chance of receiving calls made to you. They offered to send me a femtocell, which acts like a mini small range cell tower that you run in your home. It routes the calls through your internet service though, so they require that you have a high speed broadband connection. It's called an Airave. You can ask them about it. Now this only improves cell service within about 100 ft of the device. If you have bad service in general in your area, such as I do, then you may still want to cancel service. But I spend most of my time near home and this does work well in that case. Signal strength is max, calls sound perfectly fine, and a receive all calls now (I hope).


    There is only one annoying problem with the Airave. It feeds the wrong GPS coordinates to your cell phone. Sprint says that it only happens to some units. This is a problem for instance when you use your phone to try and find a local business or worse it can give wrong GPS information when using E911. There are threads here that say that it can be fixed. I call Sprint customer service about this issue and it was clear that as typically happens, you get no satisfactort answer, they tell me that I'm in error or don't understand something, etc., and it can't be fixed. So it's my fault that I'm actually standing in Illinois and when using the Airave it tells me I'm physically 400 miles away in Michigan. Anyway, I'm tired of dealing with uninformed and unqualified customer service reps, so I'll just live with it for now.

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