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Another Disappointed Customer Denied Sprint Account Due To Credit Verification FAIL

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Sigh...  After going into a Sprint store yesterday to start up a new account, I gotta say I'm 100% disappointed with the way the credit verification is handled.  I have a perfect score which I worked very hard to maintain but after answering three questions - I assume incorrectly - I was told I could not open an account.  Two of the questions were extremely personal and one was casual.  Which of these four streets have I lived on (it was from 10 years ago but okay)?  Did I know this person?  And finally do any of these people live at the same address as me?  (I live in an apartment building... alone)  FAIL.  I'm assuming the personal relationship questions are the ones that sank my ship.  I was told to pull my credit reports and public records and funny enough I had done this last week and NONE of the info asked for the latter two questions appear anywhere on there, same complain as others.  As I live in an apartment, who's to say that past residents who lived at the address weren't on that list?  Or the fact that my name is so common it wouldn't surprise me that they mixed it up.


It's a shame that Sprint's loosing yet another customer due to their credit verification.  I understand wholeheartedly a credit check but if a customer walks in with government approved id, one should be able to open an account.  Oh well... I was on the fence anyways, true the unlimited nature appealed to me but my second choice was ATT which has now become my first

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    The manual credit review team can sometimes work through this type of issue 800-639-6116


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    My husband just went through the same thing!!! We talked to a supervisor & my husband ask for explanation because just like you, he just received incorrect responds and the run around. For example,That he failed to answer the questions, well ask the right ones!! Worst off the department scares you with check your pubic records or even the credit report....come on, a month ago we opened a Best Buy account and everything was just fine & we got asked the right questions & with professional customer service. I felt something was not right so I decided to look up reviews regarding my situation and was relieved to read that I was not the only one....but so much disappointed with Sprint. To make things worse we were past clients, yrs ago. I asked an agent in Sprint if they keep records of past accounts, she said yes....We thought this would be of some help, didn't even try to check. We asked for help desperately and we got the cold talk. I wish they would be more caring and really work on there customer service.  If Sprint really wants to help show it especially if we are asking for it politely....How true is it that you have to wait 60dys to reapply??? Why to get the wrong questions asked again...Shouldn't the manual review department have another system or steps when they come in contact with future customers with similar problems like mine and all the others. Sprint open your eyes!! Make sure that your reps are doing there job correctly too, they could of also made a manual error or errors. It's easy to blame the client since we can't see what is really going on on your end especially if the passing the questions helps out for the client to get her phones for 0.1. My opinion and gut feeling is that when you have a great promotion like me, in the almost free aroid( very popular and still sells very expensive at the Sprint store, even if you are a new customer...then it's not convenient for the Company to do contracts of this kind...This is our conclusion for how we felt on how my husband and I were treated on the phone tonight regarding this situation. I wish I could change my disappointment but the only way this could change is to know there is still a solution to this unfortunate result.

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