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HTC Evo 4G won't charge.

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I had this phone given to me around last July so I haven't even had it for a year. When it was given to me, its condition was still brand new. I've had no problems w/ the phone really. I don't play games or download apps or things like that. I'm more of a texting/social media sites person so I could really care less about downloading all sorts of memory eating & battery killing apps. I did however download a battery saver & a task killer (after doing online research & finding out they were okay.)


About a week ago, I noticed my phone wasn't charging as well as it normally was. I was using a car charger & it was brand new so I figured that it had gotten damaged somehow which would cause my phone to not charge. Not thinking twice about it, I went home & proceeded to charge my phone overnight via my wall charger. I woke up the next morning to a COMPLETELY dead phone. I thought it was weird since my charger had worked fine the previous night & it was charging for hours. Regardless, I used a charger at work & managed to charge it somewhat so I figured that my charger had gone bad. On my lunch break, I ran to a Sprint down the street & bought a brand new charger. That night after work, I brought it to Sprint to have them check it & make sure it wasn't my battery. They took it for an hour & tested my battery & my charge port & said there were no problems w/ either so I figured it was the fact that my charger had gone bad, hence why I bought a new one. The guy also said that it could've been my software so he went ahead & updated it for me & told me the problem should be fixed.


I went home & charged it on the new charger all night again & woke up the next morning to the same thing: a completely dead battery. The only way I could get somewhat of a charge was if the phone was turned off so I left it off for a good portion of the day & charged it at work. I went to Sprint again that night & told them the problem was still persisting despite the new charger & the software update. They told me that the last step before getting a new phone was doing a hard reset so I told them that was fine & he went ahead & did it. It seemed fine for the first couple nights (I would plug it in at night & my battery would be full when I woke up) but the next night, it refused to charge despite being in idle, no programs running & me not using it. I went to Spring again & asked if we could order a new phone now since the problem was still persisting & we had done every step before it coming down to ordering a new one. The guy then proceeded to tell me that if I order another phone, it won't be a new one but a refurbished one from a previous owner & that the refurbished ones can have more problems.


I'm running out of patience w/ this problem & didn't know if anyone else had experienced the same thing or could give me any advice as to what I should do next. I just want my phone to work! I'm contemplating ordering an iPhone 4 since I still have an upgrade because I got the Evo given to me but I'm scared of change & keep hearing mixed feelings about it. Sorry for this being so long but I figured the more in-depth I went w/ this problem, maybe the more someone else could relate to having the same problem.

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    something i have noticed is any non oem chargers for this phone just dont work as well as the stock one. even the chargers you'll find at the sprint store MIGHT charge the phone...but no where near what the original one did. the one the phone came with (to you) did it say HTC on the actual wall plug part? i have had a few cables do the same thing to me..the stock cable/wall plug combo puts out more juice than most other that could always be the issue. also do you happen to be running anything like a task killer or something that monitors your phone in any way?

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    I purchased a new Evo last June and had the same issue in August.  I took it to the Sprint store and they put a new battery in it.  I took the phone home that night and would not charge.  I took the phone back to Sprint the next day and they gave me a new phone because they said the charging port in the phone had somehow disconnected from the motherboard and that the phone was covered under warranty. On this past Saturday (April 7th) I started experiencing the same issues with the new phone.  It will not charge from my wall or car charger, but I can charge other people's phones on my charger.  They again gave me a new battery for this phone.  I connected it to my car charger when I left the Sprint store and it seemed to be working fine.  It is now Monday and my phone is completely dead and will not charge at all.  I know its not the battery or the charger because I can charged my battery last night by putting it in my cousins Evo and it worked fine.  I am extremely frustrated because I will have to go back to the Sprint store today and hopefully they will replace my phone or fix whatever is wrong with it.

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    Shelly, we are in this exact same cycle.  Getting 3rd refurb phonein the next day or so...Wehave tried several stores with the same lack of concern and inability to justreplace our phone with a fully working unit (and we pay for total protection service).

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    I'm in exactly the same boat myself. This is my second Evo, as the first one I had fell and shattered the faceplate, so I had it replaced with a furbished model. This one (over the past few months) has started acting up and not charging - I can plug it in, the orange light will come on (as if it's charging), and then after a random amount of time, the light will go off, and it'll show a full battery with an white exclamation point through it, signifying there is some type of problem. I've got an aftermarket battery in it at the moment (a larger battery, since the original would only hold a charge for about 4 hours), and both behave the same way. I'd like to replace it, but at this point, I'm waiting on my contract to end so that I can go to another provider (which is a whole different story). As far as the phone goes though, I have to finigle it to get it to take a charge every night, and other that, the phone works perfectly (it's in mint condition - not a scratch or bump on it). I think it's just shoddy manufacturing to be honest. No real answer here, other than steer clear of HTC next time...

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