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Error Code 64 Error Class 2/SMS texting problem?

Zerginfestorz Newbie
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Hello, just wanting to place down an issue stating about my HTC EVO™ Shift 4G. It started very late last night, when trying to send a text message when all of a sudden "SMS Error: Radio Interface Resource Shortage" message pops up (well more like spams out) and begins relaying that error code along a few others (very rarely though) along with the Code 67 when I turned off and on my phone, to see that message pop out as well. My entire phone is updated (or so it seems, as I checked through updates and recieved the message that it's fine.), and It's just really bothering me I can't text anymore. Is it this 3G idea? do I have to move onward to 4G? Hopefully anyone can answer my question about this situation, or help me get rid of this irritating error. Thank you, I'll be here.

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    abe2020 Sprint Employee
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. I would suggest  you to powercycle the phone and update profile. Go to Menu > Settings > System updates > Update profile.  This will re-provision your device on the network. Try to send text message.



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    I am having the same problem and it started for me yesterday. I keep getting the Code 64 Class 2 error. I can't text or call.  I was able too this morning and now nothing.  I have removed the battery, updated the profile, my bill is totally up to date.  I am about ready to scream. Please help!!!!!!



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    iamjobe Valued Member
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    For both of you this maybe releated to issues with local cellsites if its voice/sms issues, I would contact technical support to have them check the service around you, if you have a sprint airave it good also be a problem with the device processing.

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    shawshah100 Newbie
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    I have been having this issue, too. On and off for nearly 2 weeks. It seems to be an issue isolated to my area. Funny how you tell us to call customer support, but our phones cannot connect. My room-mate also has an HTC - he cannot text or call, either. This means when Sprint tells me the two towers near me (one 3.2 and another 3.6 miles from my spot) are fine, we can only wonder what else is the issue ? I have never had issues like this with Sprint. No one can call/reach me in the Woodland Hills area...I have to physically get in my car and drive as far East as Encino to communicate. The Sprint store told me the only solution is to go to their headquarters and pay $35 to have my phone wiped, which does not make sense asit works perfectly fine outside my area. Plus, my phone is under a year old...why must I pay for service that seems should be covered under manufacturer's warranty?  "Radio Interface Resource Shortage" "Error Code 64  Error Class 2"  oddly enough, it seems my Internet connection via my phone works fine. A week ago, I could not use my Internet for about 3 hours (that I was aware over).  Thank you

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    ashleyspencer99 Newbie
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    i am having the same issue with my HTC Evo Shift 4G and i am in the seacoast of NH area, South Hampton/ Amesbury Mass area is there issues going on there to. and i was at the sprint store earlier today for a dead screen tht had to be replaced. i am on my third phone due to defects in the phone.   

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