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Spam texts

Justanotherinvoice Regular Visitor
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Anybody else receive a spam text from ""  They have somehow hidden their number so that I can't block them from doing it again.  I have considered replying "stop", but I'm afraid that will only encourage these idiots.  Any ideas?

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    abe2020 Master
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. I  would  suggest you to forward them to  Then to block the number send a text "spam xxx-xxx-xxxx" to 9999(x's being the number to block).Report the content of the message and the number you received it from to the abuse email address.




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    Justanotherinvoice Regular Visitor
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    Thank you for the quick response. 

    These lowlifes somehow blocked their number. 

    When I attempted to access the web address given, I got a pop up indicating that I was " attempting to log in to a potentially malacious site, and that they may be trying to trick me."

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    GeekOfTexas Bronze Expert
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    1) Forward the text to 7726. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have joined forces to combat mobile spam. This sends the spam to their working group for analysis and blocking.


    2) Send a text to "9999" with the word SPAM and the email address (since it came from an email address). This should block future spam from that address but they most likely will spoof something else.

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    Bryan-Sprint Regular Visitor
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    So how do you forward a text msg?  There is no "forward" option on my phone in sms messaging.


    The past several days I've been getting a spam text each day, today three of them.. This last one is from and has the number 312-569-0397 in the msg.

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    GeekOfTexas Bronze Expert
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    Which phone do you have? For Android, just long press on the message and choose "Forward".

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    Bryan-Sprint Regular Visitor
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    I figured it out, thanks..  I was trying to forward the thread. 


    Samsung Galaxy S2.

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    stopunwanted Newbie
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    I got the same [...]..very upset...text came in in the middle of my night, woke me up. whoever they are....need to stop it and get a life.


    I did follow the above steps to report this spam...thnks GeekOf Texas.

    Text msg:

    '[...]subject: Dems on Wonmen. Obama ally Hillary Rosen criticizes stay at home mom's  like Ann Romney. Listen 312-569-[...]"


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    McCoyGS54 Newbie
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    At least they used proper grammar.

    This month, I've been getting the Bank of America (not really from Bank of America) spam messages.  It started as, changed to, and so on.  I blocked info1 through domains.  This week, I then got and the real kicker is today the spam came from something like  I am hesitant to block the domain even though most text messages from Sprint don't show up as that.  So I'm going to see if they continue through the weekend and if they do, I'll have to block each individually or block the entire domain if only the domain is the same on all the texts.  It's been pretty frustrating this month.

    I'll also start to follow the advice of forwarding them along.  I wasn't aware that option existed.

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    please forward those messages to  7726 (spam).   We are working to shut this type of phishing messages down.

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    McCoyGS54 Newbie
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    I have one question on forwarding now.  When I forward the message, I get a response that says to reply with the phone number.  These that I am getting are not from phone numbers, they are from e-mail address/domain names.  For example, the one received today was from  When I respond with that info, I get a message that the sender could not be identified and to contact customer care.  Should I be forwarding to that e-mail address mentioned in the post from April?

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    JVAUGHN78 Newbie
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    I've been getting the spam from "BofA" as well as have several of my co-workers using sprint.  I forwarded the text but was told there was nothing they could do because there was no number for the sender.

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    BOA spam messages have been annoying ALL our phones!!  Thought we had blocked them and was quite peaceful for a couple of days.... BUT that has already ended!

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    MsJKG Newbie
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    When I try to forward a text to I get back a message that says "Your service does not allow sending to an email address. Msg 2135."

    I have unlimited text and data. Why am I getting that error message?

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