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The end of sprint unlimited data, How much is to much?

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Today I received a call from Sprint and was told that I was in violation of Sprints TOS for using to much data and that Sprint no longer provided unlimited data.

I called back as soon as I had an opportunity and was told that I was using to much of my unlimited data. A few weeks ago I called Sprint and told them I was having issues with my data connection that I was getting LOS when viewing videos or downloading game data two of said games still unplayable since I cannot finish a download without it getting dropped and then I have to reattempts. I was offered a refund of my Premium data service and I was told that a tower issue was causing said issue and I was okay with that but still having said issues as of today. I told the rep today about this issue and she stated that I was still in violation and that the average user only uses around 2-5 gig of data per month I explained that I'm not an average user and that I am a heavy user and if I planned on using only 5 gig I would have gone with a service that offered said plan but since I know I will use a lot more then that I decided to go with Sprints unlimited plan.


I watch my favorite shows some almost a season at a time, I will listen to my favorite radio broadcast for hours at a time, I will use my phone to download files to my SD card, since I'm on the road a lot but not roaming I use my phone to do this stuff on a near daily basis. but yet this activity to sprint is against the TOS my data for Feb was 420587 Kilobytes,Mar was 12614302 Kilobytes, Apr was 81161299 Kilobytes. so I asked the rep how much unlimited data was allowed before sprint decided it was to much and she could not give me an answer


What I want to know is what can I really do with my phone or how much unlimited data am I really allowed to use?

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