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International Unlock for iPhone 4S

lastmiracle Newbie
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How does Sprint determine when an iPhone 4S should be unlocked for international SIM card? I've heard stories ranging from


(1) if you bought the phone before a certain November 2011 date (11/10? not sure), then it was always unlocked.

(2) if you're a customer in good standing for 90 days, then you can call up international service department to unlock it, to

(3) What international unlock? Nonsense! <-- I get this A LOT from chatting with customer service reps and they keep on throwing me around in circles. (e.g., make me sign up for international plans, etc.)


Considering (1) and (2) are true, my questions:


(Q1) I got the iPhone 4S before the Nov 2011 deadline (so it should be unlocked right?), then I got a replacement phone for that phone at the Apple store. Is my replacement phone unlocked?

(Q2) Does the "90-day good standing status" apply for the individual phone line in a plan, or does it apply to the physical device? For example,

     (a) if phone line #1 has had the iPhone for 3 months, then get another used (not unlocked) Sprint iPhone 4S from phone line #2 (swapping numbers), can this new phone be requested for unlocking? or

     (b) if said phone line #2 who's still with Sprint received the 3-month old iPhone 4S from phone line #1, can this iPhone be requested to be unlocked?


I hope I'm being clear!

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    (Q1) I got the iPhone 4S before the Nov 2011 deadline (so it should be unlocked right?), then I got a replacement phone for that phone at the Apple store. Is my replacement phone unlocked?


    Even if your replacement was unlocked, they had an update that locked the card, so this doesn't matter.


    (Q2) Does the "90-day good standing status" apply for the individual phone line in a plan, or does it apply to the physical device?


    The 90-days applies to the account not the phone, I bought my wife an I-phone and unlocked it via Sprint International division after almost 2 weeks (but I've been with Sprint for 10+ yrs). This question doesn't have a black and white answer, since it also depends how long you have been with Sprint. If you have a brand new account aspect hard time to unlock, if you have been with Sprint for more then a yr, maybe they will just do it.


    One suggestion, when you call the *4 CS representative, just ask them to connect you with the International, or go on-line and get their #, because all the other reps have no clue about what they tell you. you don't need an international account or international long distance add on.


    I hope this helps, good luck

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    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    Dj_Damjano is correct. To reach the international department, it is best to call them directly at 888.226.7212 option 2 to avoid any unnecessary transfers.  They will be able to assist you with unlocking your iPhone's SIM card and provide you with the information you are looking for.

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    dontbuyaniphone Newbie
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    If you want 2 unlock your iphone 4 international travel you need to take your spending restriction off, then call the international department and have them unlock your phone for international travel "dont let them BS you that they cant" its your phone you can do with it what ever you want!! they will give you instructions on how to finish the process on your end...if they dont...ASK for someone that can guide you thru the process. dont forget to take names along with positions in case they try to BS you.

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    VINODA Newbie
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    I called the CS on 888.226.7212 option 2 (thanks to _D4V1D_)  It took less than a minute for them to resolve. I need to wait 4-8 hours and sync with my iTunes. Cool...unlocked sim.

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    goshak Newbie
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    I spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out whether I could unlock my Sprint iPhone 4S as I was relocating to the UK for work and wanted to bring my iPhone with me. The problem was that the instructions that you see both online and hear from Sprint reps say the following:


    - they reg. the request with Apple, who then provides them with the unlock code

    - they unlock the phone from your end

    - you should back up your phone through iTunes, turn it off, turn it on, do a full restore

    - (here's the confusing point) when you restore your phone, you will get an OS update (presumably with Sprint's unlock code). According to Sprint (and the online forums) you should get a message in iTunes that says "Congratulations! Your iPhone is unlocked." However, despite doing this several times, I never received the message

    - It is then suggested you restore your iPhone from the backup you created


    I called and talked to about 4-6 different people over the course of a month at Sprint International dept. At some point, I got one of the supervisors, who confirmed what all but one person told me - that on their side the phone is listed as unlocked and I should have no problems with it. The one dissenting voice, a CS rep, made me uneasy, but I had no choice as I was moving to the UK and had to trust them.


    Well, I walked into Carphone Warehouse in London, they popped a 3 micro-sim into my iPhone and everything worked swimmingly. So the lesson here for me was that the supervisor was right: you don't necessarily have to see the Congrats message in iTunes in order to have your phone unlocked.

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    dragalele Newbie
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    Hy Guys,


    I don't know about all other folks here what cain of experience had with their customer service, but mine was worst all the time. They BS me from the begining with those IPhones that after 90 days I can unlock to use overseas, but guess what: THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    After 3 days when I tried everything possible on line, in store, by phone, to unlock the phone, they said that they can't because I'm a new customer with them and I met only 3 out of 4 criteria they have in place for unlocking this device, and those are:


    1- Must have the phone for least 90 days with Sprint

    2- Must have excelent payment history

    3- Must have the phone on hand to unlock(before the people use to unlock for friends)


    and the last one, where the catch is:

    4- Since December 2011 all new customers are on the special programm what they call "Spending Limit Programm", and AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THIS PROGRAMM ACTIVE IN YOUR ACCOUNT THERE IS NO WAY TO UNLOCK  THE DEVICE, THEY JUST DON'T WANT TO DO THAT.

    This programm will go away automatically after 180 days.......


    So bassically you can unlock your phone as they told you "after 90 days", you stuck with this freacking IPhone locked on their network for 180 days 


    I just want to advise any possibile further clients at Sprint...: PLEASE THINK TWICE, DON'T LET THEM BS YOU.


    Good luck,


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    driloco Newbie
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    I read your post and am facing the same situation. I moved from the US to Brazil and have successfully added a local SIM card to my iPhone 4S from Sprint.


    But I still haven't canceled my Sprint account, and they have scared me by saying that it will shut down once that happens, even with the local SIM card.


    Have you canceled your Sprint account ? is your iPhone still working with the UK SIM card ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    goshak Newbie
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    I have not cancelled my account, as I am trying to keep my US phone number for the times I will be coming back. I put my plan on a Seasonal Suspend ($8.99/month) which allows me to turn on my service whenever I come back to visit. I think you can have it for 6 months before you have to re-activate your service. The rep told me that it's best to do that for now, and to cross the termination bridge if/when it comes to it, but made no mention of the phone being re-locked to Sprint.

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    goshak Newbie
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    And really, your $300+ ETF should more than pay for whatever subsidy Sprint paid Apple to sell you the phone.

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    MPAT49 Newbie
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    I just called 888-227212 and asked for my daughter's iPhone4s to be unlocked for her trip to Germany and bingo it's being done, when she gets to Germany she will have a German SIM card installed and off she will be good to go. She can still use the phone on WiFi with Skype and make free calls that way. Great job Sprint.

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    serci8 Newbie
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    i have a sprint i phone 4s and i don live at USA and i dont have Sprint account. So what can i do for unlocking my phone? Can anybody help me?

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    pantubuhuai Regular Visitor
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    China Mobile users, I want to unlock my iPhone 4S, seeking good-hearted people to help this Xianxie, my IMEI 99 000 102 4497 844 ICCID 8986 0081 1107 7121 0000 MEID 99 000 102 449 784

    Chinese number +86 13819491626

    Good faith for the good-hearted people to help. . . I can never thank you enough. I wish to help my longevity, good health.

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    JCCarre Newbie
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    Hello Dragelele


    I'm Sprint customer since december 2011. I have a family plan with 2 iphone 4S devices.

    I enrolled for autopay since the beginning and I have excellent history payment.

    I had a "Spending Limit Program" of 300$/month.

    This spending limit disappeared from my account on Sprint Website a few months ago so I  called the international  dpt to unlock my iPhone 4S.



    The person on the phone, told me  that the spending limit will stay active for 18 months so they can't unlock my iphones before that date.

    I was transfered to the "Credit service" and asked them if it was possible to review that point (Credit review) .

    They said no.


    I asked to be transferred to the  "Cancellation Service" and explained my case.


    Same answer no credit review is allowed before 18 months.



    If I want to cancel I need to pay 280$ per line and my iphone will not be unlocked !!!

    I think that I will do as soon as the iPhone 5 will be released and I will say good bye to Sprint !

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    yslin0709 Newbie
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    The Sprint cannot do anything to my iphone 4S but continuing charging me a lot every month.This was the worst decision I had made ever—choose Sprint and believe the Customer Service. I became a Sprint customer last year.

    1. Before I bought the phone and joined the plan, I told them I need go back to my country for four months, so I need to unlock my iphone. And the staff in the store told me that I can apply to unlock it by calling the International Dep.
    2. Before I went back to my hometown, I call the International Dep. TWICE, and both of staffs told me that I can use this device in my hometown.
    3. As I went back home, after I inserted another country sim card to my iphone, it was not worked!!! Absolutely a dead phone!!!
    4. When I called back again, they told me that because of the policy, a new customer could apply for unlock after 12 months later with good credit.
    5. So the customer servicer told me the wrong information and I miss the date to return it. And the Supervisor gave me two solutions: one is using the international plan in your country. Another is buying Another Phone!!! I still pay 90 bucks per month for the iphone. But I cannot use it in my country with other SIM card.
    6. The CS just say’’ Apology’’ to me!!! But I think that it kind of cheating on me. Not only the staff in store but also the staff in CS and International Dep.

      Because if I know the situation, I definitely cancelled the contract ASAP.

    1. I will go traveling next month and I still cannot to apply to unlock!! Oh! God, I will not believe Sprint anymore and change to AT&T or Verzion whatever!!!!!!!!!!!


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