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    4328899066 Newbie
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    I got my phone in May and am having same issues. The darn thing keeps re booting, and does the same non sense

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    If you have email accounts on your phone, try deleting and reinstalling.  I didn't bring back my Yahoo account and I still don't know what happened in early July.  So far so good for me.  I notice SPRINT techs are nowhere to be seen to offer any advice in this thread or the other.

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    mapesy Gold Expert
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    I've posted a data collection effort for the device manager of the LG Rumor Reflex here.

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    scoobiesnacks Regular Visitor
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    They should let everyone who has this piece of garbage swap it out for a different phone. Paying Hundreds of dollars a month for something that doesnt work is not only insane, its pure theft on sprints part.

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    Joe610 Regular Visitor
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    So when the phone is plugged in to charge, every hour it flashes to tell you it's charged waking me up throughout the night.

    There is no easy way to upload a photo from the crappy camera to facebook

    The phone freezes on me constantly/daily

    Sprint finally sent me an Airvana to "boost" the signal in my house, well the bars are now full but when you talk to someone there's an overtaking clicking sound as if you're driving on a motorcycle through a tunnel.

    I was going to break my contract but won't give Sprint the satisfaction of paying them $200 per phone (mine and my wife's)

    Right now Sprint is taking anyone with this POS for a ride and our options are limited because there are NOT that many phones out there that work on our old plans, they are trying to squeeze us out plain and simple.

    I pay $80/month for unlimited minutes/texts/data this is why they are doing this, they want me to kill my plan.....................

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    DidierW Newbie
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    Re: Problems with LG Rumor Reflex


    Short answer: Sprint is missing the point, trying to milk their customer with small fees rather than listen to the problems we have with lousy phone quality


    My Story:  LG Rumor Reflex purchased 09/03, six weeks later it keeps rebooting, the only way to stop it is to remove the battery.


    Sprint stores tell us is it because we loaded too many pictures without a memory card! They want to charge 35$ to look at it. They finally agree to waive the fee if they do not have to change parts on it. Two hours later, they were unable to fix it. My options: pay 35$  to get it exchanged, but it will take 5 days in the store downtown San Francisco , or send it to LG for warranty repair (3 to 4 weeks).


    In the mean time, I am still looking for a way to reset the phone, as this definitely looks like a firmware issue, not hardware.


    I have been a customer with Sprint for 10 years but am ready to leave them:

    - They stuff our bills with on-going new charges, 10$ here, 20$ there

    - They want to force me out of my contract to have everyone on a data plan even if I am the only one using data.

    - They have 4G Wimax coverage but do not want to sell me a Wimax phone. Instead they try to push me to a 4G LTE phone, but can't tell me when they will have coverage in Northern California (2013, 2014?).


    I am afraid they are slowly but surely going to bankruptcy. They remind me of my old bank (Great Western, their tag line was "we'll always be there for you!!)  Then came Washington Mutual, attention to customers went down, and now they're gone. 

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    SShadoww Newbie
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    Another bad Reflex...had the phone 4 months total with no abuse to it..and it got stuck in power cycling mode..had to be replaced. This phone blows.

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    I bought a Rumor Reflex that costantly dropped calls. I brought it in for repair and was told it failed the 3 tests they had given it. I got a replacement phone.  The microphone in the new phone malfunctioned after 1 week and  the new phone had to be repaired. It needed a new face plate.  It CONSTANTLY drops calls. It's a terrible phone. Sprint has given me TERRIBLE  customer service.

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    Khuten Valued Member
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    This has been going on since May 2012 and absolutely nothing from Sprint aside from a request for details on the problem.  Nothing after that.  One would think at some point we would at least be told what the potential problem source is.

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    Wendylovessprint Newbie
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    Hi Ross M.


    I am having technical problems as well with my LG Rumor Reflex, too.  my screen freezes up sometimes.  However, i can't hear anyone except once in a blue moon because the calls are too choppy.  You can't not trust a carrrier due to a particular phone model.  I think this isn't the best phone model because some models have more problems than others.  No joke.  Try taking out the battery next time for 30 to 60 seconds then re-insert the battery and once the phone reboots up go to the tools option and use the device self service or whatever it's called and do frequent updates.  Make sure to update the PRL, profile and firmware under the "tools" option.  I went to the corporate store and inteded to ge the replacemet after they ordered it and received it.  However, I have to somehow "extract" my text messages.  Does anyone have any idea how to EXTRACT AND BACK UP text messages?


    Let me know






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    14KNIGHT Master
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    About the only way to save text messages off this device would be to forward them to an email address.

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    CHUNKYBUTT420 Newbie
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    Ok so I had been using The phone pretty well, until about 2 months ago I stopped recieving Emails .. everytime i would even touch my AOL email account it would reboot.. 


    That problem just stopped, still wouldnt get emails, but at least i could touch it.. 


    But for the past week its been doing the reeboot junk!! like every 10-15 minutes just shuts down... 



    This Phone is ****!!


    Also this phone is unresponsive sometimes like i just picked it up and it was black screen, opened it, pushed buttons, nothing had to remove the battery


    Im going to get out of my contract this is ****

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    Jenny_R20 Bronze Expert
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    Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear about what is happening to your phone. Have you had the phone checked at one of our service and repair centers?




    Jen R

    Sprint Social Care Team

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    CHUNKYBUTT420 Newbie
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    I responded in july that this problem was happening, they suggested that i take the phone in, i was told it would take 6-8 weeks to send in and recive it again.. which they couldnt gaurentee would fix it. Thats just unacceptable. look at all these people having the same problem!

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    Jenny_R20 Bronze Expert
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    I understand what you are saying. One of our techs would need to look at the phone to determine what is wrong. Through the phone or post we are limited to what we can do when its a device issue.


    Thank you,


    Jen R

    Sprint Social Care Team

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