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Deteriorating service in Indianapolis

Oakie_Don Regular Visitor
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I really, really dislike bellyaching, complaining, whining,  . . . I am hoping enough people will respond to this and something, somewhere will be done.  It has been brought to my attention Sprint is doing some revamping of their equipment in Indianapolis and my service is getting worse and worse by the day.  My business phone is through Sprint because I am on the road so much!  How can I get new business if I do not receive calls?  Sprint apologizes and is sending me a device that will strengthen my signal here at the office, but what about the rest of the city?  They did not offer any sort of credit/rebate.  Did they send out any sort of information about the service being interupted?  Are they being held accountable for their service or lack of?  TOTALLY unacceptable what is going on here and I am contemplating getting local news stations involved.  I have had issues all day today with my service (calls, texting, Internet).  I have the "Everything" plan which is starting to mean everything is failing except for my phone bill!  Maybe I should send Sprint a bill for the business I have lost!  Yeah, sure, . . they'll pay it.


Very, very disappointed Sprint.  Totally unacceptable.  I have been with Sprint for 15 or 16 years.  Please tell me why I should stay with you.

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    ahammond89 Newbie
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    I'm in Indianapolis as well and my service has been absolutely horrible for about the last 2 weeks. I receive almost none of my calls and my texts come days late. I just switched to Sprint about a month ago and this is not a good first impression. I understand that they have to do upgrades now and then but for this long? Why am I paying this much for a smartphone when I can barely even make basic calls?! Very disappointed here too!

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    Oakie_Don Regular Visitor
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    Just spoke to a Jason, Customer Care Manger ID #87683.  The best he could do was 25% off my bill for the past 2 months even though this has been going on since November.  I asked to speak to someone above him and he said he was the highest I could go.  I disagreed and said as long as he is not the CEO, there is always someone else higher I can go to.  He said I could not.  I aksed the person who I was speaking to before I spoke to Jason to send me to his supervisor.  According to Jason, I was sent to a person at the same level.  In other words, I was nto sent to the next step up, but a lateral move/call. I feel that was a blatant lie.  I am contemplating getting local news stations involved.

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    STACEY7499 Newbie
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    I'm in NW Indiana and have been experiencing the same issues as you! I've called numerous times and have been told I will receive a $25 credit on my bill, which I have not gotten to date. I've been with Sprint for over 10 years and I've never seen service this bad. 17 dropped calls in ONE DAY!!! I can appreciate that they're upgrading their towers but give me a break!

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    CHEETA_BW Newbie
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    This isn't just in your area, it's everywhere it seems. Look at all the posts see so many places, even large cities. I live just south of Houston, TX (huge area) and I can't keep a signal to save my life. Even when I am in an area with a good signal I can watch my signal bar and 3g indicator and they both drop, without moving the phone, and nothing is wrong with the phone. I've dropped more calls in the last few months than I can count. I lost my signal in both areas I spend a majority of my time in, work and home. When I do have a signal now I see the roaming symbol more often than ever. It may get better as Sprint does more upgrades to their system for the convertion to LTE, but how much better and how fast remains to be seen. My service problems have been going on for numerous months, and seem to be getting worse not better.

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    CHASE866 Regular Visitor
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    I also use my cell phone for work.  I work from home and have not been able to make or receive calls since Saturday.  Texting has been spotty. Extremely frustrated.

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    jsabbott25 Newbie
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    Oakie_Don...I feel exactly the same way as you.  We have been with Sprint for 12 years now and I'm completely disappointed in the 3G data performance throughout Indy.  I can't remember when I saw speeds greater than 600 Kbps.  I've pretty much given up on doing anything that requires data usage unless I'm able to hop on WiFi somewhere.  It's sad because I used to be a big Sprint Fan Boy, but now I feel as if I have no other option than to switch carriers in August when my contract expires.  So, Sprint, what would it take to keep us loyal customers?  I can tell you what I want.  I want decent 3G coverage that is competitive with other carrirers and a widespread LTE network.  I know that these are things that are being addressed but I think you should be more forthcoming on updates and progress.  Also, I feel somewhat slighted by the whole 4G/Premium Data charge that ultimately has done nothing for me or others in the Indy area apparently.  Lastly, with more and more MVNOs offering lower cost alternatives, you need to reconsider your pricing as well.  I could save $40 a month by moving to a prepaid plan from our current "Everything" plan.  Just my 2 cents.

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    NMArcher Newbie
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    A suggestion.  Recently and reluctantly, I dropped my personal Sprint account.  At the end of the day, all the same issues as everyone one here knows too well and on top of it, a wife who wasn't happy.  A few months back I had talked to customer service and they and told me that due to the quality of service or lack thereof, I could get out of my contract without paying the ETF. 


    At that time, I didn't want out, just wanted to know what my options were.  Fast Forward 4 months. No change in service, no change in unhappy wife due to no service.  I contacted Sprint and informed them that we were closing our account, so long and thanks for all the fish.  After going through a couple of reps, I reached customer service again and this time I was told that there was no record of the previous conversation regarding ETF so as far as Sprint was concerned, I was still on the hook for it.


    Well, not wanting to pay the ETF for all the reasons we understand, I thought it was time to as we say down here, "Gun up".  I contacted the State's Public Regulatory Commision  and filed a complaint.  Within a week I had staff from Sprint's "Executive Account Management" or something like that calling me.  Within 48 hours my contract was closed with no ETF fees.


    I'm not passing this on as a threat to Sprint, I'm passing it on so that others know that we have options to seek resolutions when it seems there are no other options.

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    Oakie_Don Regular Visitor
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    Notice there has not been any response from Sprint?  By the way, I received a text today from Sprint stating my "custom email address" expires  . . .  I have no idea what this is about, but I still have not seen any message of any sort coming from Sprint about all of this.


    Still, very disappointed. 

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    Mini_Laura Newbie
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    I live in the 46208 area and we have had little to no service (mostly NO SERVICE) since at least noon on Friday 6/8/12.

    I've chatted with Sprint twice and was told both times that there is an outage in my area. (no kidding.)


    The second time I chatted with them, I was told that the problem was scheduled to be resolved at "approximately 9:51:19" today. (Yes, they gave me the "approximate" time down to the second.) It's now over an hour after the estimated time and I still don't have service. No service for 3+ days is ridiculous.

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    omega_red063 Regular Visitor
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    Hi I am extremely unsatisfied with Sprint's responsibilities in Indianapolis.



    Well I think I have figure most of this out.


    Trames Ticket 10046, has been open since Dec. BUT ticket 8217743 was open 4/2011, this ticket was closed and Sprint opened up a Trames ticket 10046.


    The ticket is for Sprint’s Core network hardware.


    Ericsson is replacing Sprint’s legacy core network with New All-IP core, BUT none of this has happened. Samsung is doing network vision upgrades for Indianapolis towers, BUT they are falling more and more behind with Chicago. Right now 100s of towers sit with 1GB backhaul waiting for Sprint/Samsung /Ericsson to get to work.


    When the other poster said Sprint has been working on this since Dec, that is not really correct. The only way for Sprint to resolve this issue is to replace the legacy 10+yr hardware.


    This should have been done first for the entire nation. Right now Sprint’s core wireless network is far far out of capacity.


    All of our issues are caused by that, it doesn’t matter how many T-1 lines they add to the towers in Indpls, the core switch tells all of the towers to slow down data, drop calls, and block calls to reduce the capacity load on the core infrastructure.


    So all of the network upgrades listed on are meaningless.


    Sprint is supposed to have 12,000 towers upgraded by the year end, I see no way that is going to happen as of right now they have less than 1,000 towers upgraded and those don’t even have 3&4G turned on.


    As a 10+ year customer and as a stock holder I am very disappointed in Sprint.

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    Brad202b Regular Visitor
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    I live in Idaho and I'm a truck driver, sprint service has gone to nearly cricket standards. I'm in roam more and more every day and like you I use my phone for business, I got letters from sprint saying I had to stop using my phone in roaming areas because I was using to many minutes, but more and more areas are now roaming areas. This time last year I was totally happy with sprint, now I'm considering when my contract is up heading back to Verizon. I'm tired of this ****!

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    SprintHatesIndy Newbie
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    Still no 4G, still horrible 3G speeds, still drop to 1x in a lot of different places around town, and I still don't receive calls sometimes at my house even when I have several bars of 3G service.  I gave up calling Sprint a long time ago because I get tired of having to sit on the phone and deal with ****.  They'd usually credit my account when I'd call, but I'd much rather just have decent service.  My contract ended yesterday and I'm afraid I'm going to have to jump ship to verizon after 10 or more years with Sprint.  I realize towers are being upgraded in Indy (though I've heard that claim plenty over the last couple years), but it's just too little too late.  I also just want to say that ever since the Evo came out Sprint representitives have been telling friends, family, and myself that 4G would be up in Indy in a month or two.  Two years later and there's still no 4G.  I really do not appreciate these lies.  I know several people that signed new contracts with Sprint solely because of these lies and it's a shame that a company would stoop to that.

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    Oakie_Don Regular Visitor
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    OK, I have gotten a lot of info in the past week or so.  Sooooooooo here we go:


    1. Contacted Indiana Regulatory Commision.  One business day later, Susan Mansfield (, 866-727-0665) contacted me via a phone call (which went into voice mail) and by e-mail.  Bottomline, she said there were not any issues and there are no tickets open.  She said she does not see that I have missed calls and I advised her a logging system will only see calls missed if ALL systems are working!  I am not sure she got what I was saying.


    While I was on the phone with her, she said she would put in a ticket regarding my issues and send me an e-mail about the ticket.  Well it's been well over a week and I still have not seen the e-mail she said she would send me.


    2. A company I do business with sends texts and e-mails when jobs become available.  They sent an e-mail stating the following:


    SUBJECT: Attention Company Pros Who Are Sprint Users



    If you’re a Sprint user with SMS capabilities, you may have noticed that you’re either not getting your messages from Company, or are experiencing delays that range between five minutes and two hours.


    Why Is This Happening?

    We don’t know. Despite repeated attempts to work with Sprint, they have not resolved the problem, nor have they given us any actions we can take to fix it. We are still trying to find a resolution, but it seems that we are at a dead end.


    If You Have MMS

    For Pros with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), there is a work around. If you insert into your secondary email address, where xxxxxxx is your phone number, you will be able to get messages from Company and with no delays.


    What You Can Do

    You’re a paying Sprint customer and should be able to receive messages from Company – and get them in a timely fashion -- no matter what. We encourage you to get your voice heard by speaking up on Sprint's public social media platforms and forums. If Sprint receives lots of requests from Pros affected by this, we think that this will get their attention and strongly encourage them to provide a solution. To help you get started, we have provided a few sample Tweets and Facebook posts for you within this letter. Of course, feel free to create your own message but please be sure to include @sprint and @sprintcare and @Company in your tweets.




    As far as I am concerned, this is more proof that I am losing business because of Sprint.


    3. More to come!

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    omega_red063 Regular Visitor
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    Not sure about the second part of your post, but there is a Trames ticket for Indpls, 10046 currently Open and has been for a while.


    Hope this helps.

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