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Iphone 4s from Verizon to Sprint

bkat2 Newbie
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A friend gave me an iPhone 4s he had on Verizon. Can I unlock it/jailbreak it to use on Sprint?

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    For an Iphone to be used on Sprint the ESN of the device  has to be stored in our data base.  If it is not there we cannot activate the phone on our service

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    bkat2 Newbie
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    So is that a yes or a no? Even if it is unlocked? Can the ESN be added to the network?

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    If it is not already loaded into our network we have no way to add it  so a no

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    Rahstyles Regular Visitor
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    LOL.....   he didnt answer the guys question till the second response..  


    Goodjob sprint

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    LookInToMyEyes Newbie
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    I suppose he doesn't have the answer to as if the ESN is loaded on their network, maybe try calling and giving them the details, I thin sprint uses the IMEI which can be find in Settings > General > about... Don't post this code online, you give it to the sprint rep or what ever else he ask, but now you know how to find that information. I think with that he can find it for you.




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    BR1LEY Regular Visitor
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    Don't listen to this Sprint tech, he/she clearly has no idea what they are talking about... The answer to your question, since they decided to NOT answer it, is YES, you can use a Verizon iPhone 4S on Sprints network... How do I know this? Well, because I currently use a Verizon iPhone 4S on Sprints network, it is a bit tricky but it can be done..


    The only problem is, Sprint will NOT be able to help you with this, you will have to contact Apple Care Advanced Support Team, you will have to remove the SIM card and have them re-flash the phone, once that is done you are good to go!!


    Why am I using a Verizon iPhone 4S on Sprints network? Well, when I first got the iPhone 4S through Sprint, I had it for a few weeks and started having problems with it, it would no longer take a full charge, Sprint could not figure it out (just like everything else) and said I'd need to talk with Apple since I was still under my inital Warranty period, I contacted Apple Care, we looked into getting it fixed but couldn't, at that point Apple decided they would simply replace my phone, they sent out a new iPhone 4S via FedEx Overnight Shipping, I went to the FedEx store in my area and picked it up the next day, called Sprint to activate the phone and it wouldn't work... So I called Apple Care back and spoke with the lady that I had been dealing with, after a little time on the phone with her, I was going through the "About" section under "Settings" and saw that the "Carrier" said "VERIZON", I asked her what that was all about, and she said; they must have sent the wrong phone out, she then had me pull the SIM card, re-flashed the phone and I was good to go, not a problem since then...


    So with that said, I'm not sure what "14KNIGHT" is talking about, I think it just comes down to he/she being a typical Sprint employee, not wanting to do their job... Either way, good luck! By the way, I'll be selling my iPhone 4S here soon, when the new iPhone comes out next month, I have TONS of extras with it, it has had a privacy screen protector on since day 1 and a protector on the back glass as well, M-F it stays in a Griffin Survivor case, and I also have 4 additional cases, 3 home chargers, 2 car chargers, 2 stylus pens, 3 foot cable, 6 foot cable, docking station... well, you get the idea, I have a BUNCH of stuff for it if anyone is interested?? By the way, it will work on Verizon OR SPRINT...

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    BR1LEY You have a rather unique situation   You had a pre-exsisting sprint account with an Iphone. Apple mad an error sending you a device.  Apple also has the abiltiy to send us the ESN number of the device to load into our system and the abilty to program the device through Itunes.  Yes the device had to flashed to show Sprint as the carrier  but more importantly the data base of apple ESN numbers had to me updated.  So Sprint service would recognize the device.


    The esn number has to be loaded into our system.   I am not the only one who thinks this 


    taken from the above website


    So does that mean you can buy a CDMA iPhone and use it on Sprint? Unfortunately, no. CDMA providers, such as Verizon and Sprint, are notorious for being unwilling to allow customers to use phones that weren't sold directly by the provider. Though the Verizon iPhone 4 isn't locked, it does contain an ESN (electronic serial number), which you can think of as a mobile phone's fingerprint. In order for a CDMA phone to be activated / used on a CDMA network, the provider must have that device's ESN on their list of approved serial numbers.

    In other words, the carriers excercise full control over what phones operate on their networks via the ESN activation requirement

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    trodriguez1989 Newbie
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    Interested, let me know

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    mikey18212 Newbie
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    where do you get the esn number?

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    RichardR3581 Newbie
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    What if you jailbroke the iPhone? I know it isn't recommended and I would do so at my own risk, but wouldn't that make the iPhone able to be activated on the Sprint network no matter what?

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    DEDEDODE Newbie
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    14Knight - So rather than bring in a new customer to Sprint who is willing to pay the no longer lowest price for Unlimited Talk/Text/Data on an unlocked CDMA Iphone 5 (or any CDMA phone for that matter) they would rather tick off that potential customer or existing customer trying to save a buck off the cost of a new iphone????     Why make it harder for people to use Sprint, that makes absolutely no business sense!!!

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    94to04 Newbie
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    Except for the fact that Sprint is CONSTANTLY making it more difficult for their own current customers to use their service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, unique situation or not, the fact is, is that they were able to re-flash the phone.  What does the situation have to do with it?  I heard of others that have been able to who have not had unique situations.  Sprint is just trying to get you to sell your current phone to get one of their phones....their "business sense".

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    NYClos Silver Expert
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    Thanks for joining the thread. There is more to it than that. We want our customers to use devices that were manufactured specifically for our network to ensure optimal service. For the situation of attempting to use a VZ iPhone 4S on Sprint, it would be easier to trade it in via, get $148 for the trade in, and use the credit to get a brand new Sprint iPhone 4S for $99. You end up with a brand new phone, no hacking required, and an extra $49.




    Thank you,



    Sprint Social Care Team

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    94to04 Newbie
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    The only way that you can get an iPhone 4s for $99 is if you are getting another 2 year contract...another way for Sprint to hook ya.  I get that you are doing what you are supposed to as your job but what you are saying is not totally true..

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