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No 4G on my new SAMSUNG GALAXY S3??

htxfiveo Newbie
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Got my new GALAXY S3 today and after activation i have not been able to get a 4G signal anywhere.  Im in Houston 77087 area. 

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    halcyoncmdr123 Master
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    Sprint's LTE network currently is being deployed and tested by Sprint and our deployment partners. The latest information is that the first LTE markets should go live mid-2012. The sprint.com coverage maps were just recently updated to accomodate the LTE maps, but currently do not have any info loaded as the network is not live yet. It should start going live pretty soon. Recently, Sprint allowed some news outlets access to the network in Atlanta to test it out a bit while it is still being worked on and give some feedback and report on it.


    Information about the initial launch markets is available at www.sprint.com/4glte

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    htxfiveo Newbie
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    No im not talking about 4G LTE i would like to get atleast a regular 4G signal.  I activated this phone at 3pm central and I have still not even seen a 4G connection at all.  I cant even get a simple youtube video to play.  Sprint internet sucks so bad its not even funny.  Called customer service and all they do is give you the runaround. Makes getting my new S3 a joke, i cant surf the net or watch a simple video. 

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    You have a 4G LTE capable phone (whatever brand). The Sprint 4G LTE network is in the process of being built and will begin turning on in mid-2012.


    If you have any other 4G phone like a Galaxy SII, for example, it is capable of using 4G WiMAX. That network is complete and running.


    Your SIII phone is 4G LTE ready. It does NOT work, and was NOT made to work on 4G WiMAX.


    When 4G LTE is "lit up" in your community, you will be able to use your device on 4G. For now, your device will have to run on 3G.

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    htxfiveo Newbie
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    Thanks for clearing that up.  I called SPRINT customer service and asked them the same thing and she told me it should work on 4G Wimax , im sorry but those Reps have no clue what they are doing or talking about.  And to make matters worse our 3G towers were supposedly down, so i was told to wait 48 hours.  This is so frustrating, but atleast i can make calls i guess.  O well this is my last contract with Sprint and im done. Moving over to ATT or verizon.

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    DocterB Newbie
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    You should return your SIII while you still can so you are not trapped in a 2 year contract for a phone that may not work in your area for a year or so into your contract, depending on your location and Sprint's mysterious roll-out plans.  If you are like me, you went from having a 4G WiMax phone that worked, to "upgrading" to a 4G LTE phone that doesn't work yet, and no committment from Sprint on when it will work.  I opted not to stay with the SIII.

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    matlk Regular Visitor
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    There are a bunch of towers out in the mid west right now. According to coverage.sprint.com there is good 4G coverage in your area so this is probably the problem. Looks like the towers will be back up around july 5th.

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    WBA-2 Regular Visitor
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    I have the same problem.  Why would not an UPDATED devive not be backwards capatable??????????  Makes no sense to me.

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    The S3 is a new model of device and it is equip with the hardware to use the LTE system.  Wi Max is a totally different system and has it own hardware.  The New devices only have the LTE.  There is only so much room in the case. 

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    nikukyu Newbie
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    I am so glad I found this thread!

    We just upgraded 1 of our lines on a 2 year contract with the SIII and I had no idea that it only works on LTE!
    I thought "oh ok i know we don't have LTE yet so I'll just use Wimax" but the phone is literally only for LTE. I feel like this is false advertising.

    I don't remember it saying anywhere that "if you don't have LTE you're stuck on 3G speeds".


    I did a speed test with my original Evo 4G and it had 4 times faster download speeds than the Galaxy SIII!

    So yea needless to say I will be returning the phone but since I liked the phone itself a lot I think its time to pack my bags after 2 years and move to Verizon.


    If Sprint made it clear that you wouldn't be able to use their 4G network at ALL until they implement LTE I would have been less upset but it feels so sneaky.

    "Get unlimited internet...on our slow as all ****  3G network trolololol" by Sprint.

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    zx12ts Newbie
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    I have been in the same boat with this LTE stuff. For over 3 months now my service has been just terrible!! With the excuse of "upgrades" are being done it will get better!! SOON!!! Yeah right, The geniuses they hire for planning managers ignored the first rule of business. Don't alienate your current customers in order to gain more customers in the future!!


    Have those geniuses answer this. What good is it having all the food you want in 6 weeks, if you can have no food until then??? Are you going to be alive to enjoy the unlimited food?? Heck no, you will be as dead as a doornail. That analogy is just to dramatize the netwoks upgrade policies!! It's utterly stupid to keep promising better service in the future, at the expense of the present service!!


    I purchased a S3 in hopes the current service would be better than on my EVO, it was actually worse!! Returned the S3, going elsewhere as soon as their version of S3 comes in!! They are putting the cart before the horse!! Just dumb!!

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    4G LTE is being turned on in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antoniio on the 15 of July.

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    ryanjm76 Regular Visitor
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    Hopefully it will be working on the 15th. I have little faith left in Sprint. Google wallet doesn't work. The LTE was originally supposed to be on in june. The shouldn't have released the phones untiil a week before tower turn on cause we all know sprints 3G is the slowest thing I have ever seen. Thank god for my ATT 4G wifi hot I use at work or I would have really regreted trading in my 3D for cases and a car mount for my new evo lte. I did buy the phone private party at a discount because I refuse to be trapped with spring any longer I now have a year left. I mean Houston had 4g Wimax 1st and it still didn't work inside my apt when you could get a few bars outside. Thank god for wifi at home. Broadband saved my sanity.

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    shawn.kc Regular Visitor
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    I'm not sure how you guys didn't know Wimax 4G wasn't included with the new phones.  It was pretty clear from the information I read about the new phones. 


    As for your Google wallet issue.  There is an update today that will fix the Google Wallet issue.  Just go into your setting and system updates and check now for an update. 


    I believe the update also has a fix for some LTE connection issues for the LTE EVO.  Hopefully LTE will be available in the markets that were announced for July 15 in the next couple of days.


    If you're in Houston, you should see 4G LTE popping up by this weekend.  Keep in mind, a limited number of towers will be completed at launch, with additional towers being completed every month until all tower have been upgraded.


    Also, 3G speeds will increase as the towers are upgraded and 3G is switched over to the new backhaul.  The Chicago area is already reporting better 3G speeds as the upgrades are completed.


    I'm not a genius, but I'll offer my opinion.  There are a lot of people suffering from bad 3G speeds.  This is a problem that has been compounded by a stopped Wimax deployment and non Wimax iPhones.  Sprint is working on upgrading 38,000 towers so that 3G isn't "slowest thing I have ever seen".  Part of the process is causing issues in certain areas.  As the project continues to move forward, the Vendors doing the upgrades will learn how to make things roll more smoothly. 

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    JPfan Newbie
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    My question would be for the other lines on my account then. If my phone (S3) is the only "LTE" phone, how will the other two (EVO Shift & Motorola Photon, that are currently compatible with 4G WiMax) work with the new 4G LTE? Will those two phones still get 4G or will they need to purchase these "LTE" compatible types?

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