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Samsung Galaxy S3

CHADG78 Newbie
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Poor signal with the Samsung Galaxy S3 ---


I switched from the HTC EVO 4G & have noticed the signal with the Galaxy S3 is poor, My phone goes into roaming inside my house & at times outside in my front yard. This was never a issue with my EVO, Sprint is sending me a AIRAVE I believe.

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    GS3toy Newbie
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    I am having the same issue.  have you seen any change?  mine is running CDMA only.  have you taken your to get a diagnostic?

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    skyg0ing Newbie
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    Just got my S3 yesterday and same issue here... usually have 1-2 bars at most, frequently roaming, etc.  Before this I had the Evo4G and only had 2-3 spots where I'd go into roaming in my typical day.  Now even in my house I'm roaming.  At first I thought this was secondary to some big thunderstorms we've had but now I'm doubting it. 

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    chriswill45 Newbie
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    Im having the same issue, I can't even stream music from google play without 1/3 of my trip being compeletely silent because of poor 3g coverage. I had a an OG Evo 4g and always used 3g and its 3g speed is noticeably faster than my galaxy s3.

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    360christo Newbie
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    I just got my phone Sunday and have been noticing the same problem. My brother has the original Evo and he can stand next to me and has 3-4 bars and i have nothing....starting to wonder if this phone has to go back and that would suck becuase this phone rocks.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    you might want to change your screen name away from something that has your personal email. just a FYI...im surprised one of the sprint peeps in here hasnt already hit you about this

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    tulyp222 Newbie
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    I'm having MAJOR issues with my connectivity as well. My husband has a new iPhone S4 and has more bars than myself when we stand next to each other. I'm in the 55912 area. I checked my street-level coverage and it says "max", but hasn't been updated since 6/28/12...and it's obviously wrong. I had several dropped calls today which I NEVER had with my Evo. If this isn't fixed within the next couple of days, I'm going to be returning this awesome new phone for either a new Evo or iPhone. This phone's beautiful and is very user-friendly, but NOT WORTH THE FRUSTRATION!

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    mrcleanjw111 Regular Visitor
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    All I did was update my profile & Prl & now I have no problems. I have an airave at my house but I needed it for my evo too.

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    chriswill45 Newbie
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    Update, downloaded a data test app called speed test.  In the Pittsburgh area where I live I've been having test speeds ranging from 5 kbps to 100 kbps both of which are absolutely horrible.  I went to the sprint store did the test on my S3 and the Evo 4g LTE and at the store they were pretty similar both around 700 kbps although the EVO was higher on average with 800 kpbs.  Not sure what to do, but I figured I would give the S3 another week or so, if it doesn't get any better I will have to switch to the EVO, its ashame becuase I really like this phone.


    Side Note: Updated PRL, profile, data reset.... and nothing worked.  Sorry I've been jabbering about the 3g (figured it was a similar issue).  My signal is also consistantly low, although I only had one dropped call and one random voicemail.

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    Techie77 Newbie
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    I have confirmed that the 3g reception is for sure a very week link on the SGSIII I moved from an EVO 4g and was so sick that Sprint fell flat on really rolling out 4g. I travel extensively  and was in usable 4g about 1/2 of 1 percent of my time. I am not sure what to do now, the tables have turned  with weakness prone 3g but but not knowing how extensive is Sprint going to come thru for me with 4g? They have already taken so long, will they replace all existing 3g with 4g or leave 3g to what they consider the fringe, but that is where I would be without any service as I move about. I would hate to be locked into a contract and later forced to buy a phone after my contract is up out of desperation to get service back? I identify greatly with Tulyp222 as my wife has the iPhone and hers works as mine has no signal and drops data or whatever I am doing. I love many things about SGSIII by have expanding concerns, If I return this phone I will feel sick as I held such high hope of a phone that was exactly what I was waiting for only to have a very smacking letdown. Reception is everything!!!


    It would be great if a Sprint moderator dropped in and remarked regarding Spring 4G LTE intentions and foreseeable action plan.

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    trckn4lifeMM Newbie
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    I had the evo 4G before along with my wife.  We both got S3's and we are both ahving issues with wifi turning on by iteself, slow to non existent data connnections, as it seems to "loose" connection many times and loading google may take 5 minutes.  So far if the reception was not an issue I would love this phone.  But I think my wife and I are going to have to return them...as the phone is worthless if it doesn't hold phone and data connection.  Oh and by the way these are in areas where we had no issues with our evo 4g for phone or data connectivity.  I contacted Samsung to see what they would say and it was about worthless even after informing them of all this and that without stable reception the S3's will be returned.  Also, I have installed the OTA update and the same issue exists before and after.  I may have to switch my wife and I to the evo 4G LTE phones instead. 

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    NotMadAboutEvo Regular Visitor
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    I'd recommend you check the problems with Evo HTC 4G LTE before switching. The best bet is probably the iphone.


    Four people in my house have Evo's and ALL of them suffer timezone problems. I have replaced mine 3 times and it's made absolutely no difference. I live in NH. This is more than annoying if you use your calendar or alarms because more often than not, they will not go off due to the switching back and forth - i've tested it by turning auto timezone off. The other problem thats common to all our EVO's is that they disconnect/reconnect to wifi frequently. Typically when the browser is first opened you will see "connection lost, retry". It will happen right next to wireless router. If you disable mobile data it stops, so it must have something to do with poor signal strength in my area that's causing phone to switch from 3g/cdma.


    Phone is great for making calls, far better than any Samsung i've ever had but these problems make core functions practically unusable and make the phone a disappointment as a consequence. HTC released a s/w update that has not fixed the problems although it was supposed too.

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    BeemerRider007 Regular Visitor
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    I had the Galaxy S3 (Blue 32 GB) for a week. I wasn't able to send texts from my office, but was able to with my old EVO 3D. I was often roaming in areas that my EVO 3D hadn't been as well. The WiFi would also cut in and out as well. I updated the profile and PRL, and also turned off roaming guards. Nothing helped.


    I traded it in during the 14 day trial period for the EVO LTE. I now have comparable connectivity to what I had on the EVO 3D. I loved the S3 as it was an absolutely amazing multimedia device, it just didn't function well as a phone.

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    360christo Newbie
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    I had to take mine back and I got an Evo 4g LTE and the difference in signal strength is huge!! I would always roam in areas I should not be and this new Evo LTE is just as fast if not faster spec wise its about the same. There are some features i will miss from the GS3 but nothing i cant get over for having a phone that I can make calls on and use the data on without issue now. I have not had any of the Time Zone issues or Wifi issues the other person posted about. I traded this in on the 7th so maybe I have an updated phone but no issue's with this phone what so ever!!!

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    SURIEL28 Newbie
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    I bought te Evo LTE and let me tell You all I don't know who Came out sito te brillant  idea of building an inetrnal battery right by the ear piece on the evo LTE my ear was burning hit after making a five minute phone call,the I switch to the galaxy III and I love, I have no issues at all but the EVO LTE what a huge disappointment ......

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