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Charging paused. Voltage too high.

RPAULL0109 Newbie
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Since the update I have rec'd a pop up that says Charging Paused.  Voltage too high.  The battery iconacts like the phone is being charged even when not plugged in - this happened once before due to some water in the usb port, but then stopped.  Any advice? 

I'm so irritated with this update...

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    knaacka Newbie
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    I am also having this problem, did some searching on Google and it seems to be fairly common with no fix being apparent yet.  Took my phone to the Sprint Store, not only did they not fix it, they went ahead and did a hard reset, but that didn't do any good.  Was told it was due to corrosion around the USB port, but this has only been an issue since the ICS push.  Also, the phone gets really hot and the battery drains quickly.

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    It does sound like something that could be possible from liquid damage, does the same message appear while the phone is off?

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    tomdeaver Sprint Employee
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    Hello.  Liquid damage can have random effects.  This is why it's never covered in a warranty.  If you have TEP coverage, and the problem persists, you can file a claim with Asurion for a replacement.  Since the "firmware" changed, the software that controls the hardware also changed.  ICS may be using voltage, charging and overall USB functionality differently than GB which would explain why the update illuminated the liquid damage. 



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    GENEO19 Newbie
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    I'm having the same issue and it's not from moisture.  I started having issues with my battery draining quickly after my last sprint update.  Sometimes the phone is fine until I charge it all the way then I get the "High Voltage Warning".  Once the battery drains down some it works fine until I have to charge it again.  I was at the Sprint store the other day and they were not much help either.  I'm going back tomorrow and have them ship it for repair since it's still under warranty but I'm sure I'll get the run around on that as well. 

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    We've seen quite a few Epic Touches come into our S&R store (Top 100 in the country, so we see a lot of phones in general of all shapes and sizes). Every single one of them that we have had come in has had corrosion in the charging port or on the board inside the phone. It does not have to be a lot of corrosion to cause voltage and charging issues. Corrosion can be caused by humidity and condensation inside the phone. We see it a lot from people who use their phone for radio when they take a shower.

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    Ivehadenough Newbie
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    I just want to mention here that while I am posting this the High voltage charging paused  was happening on my old phone when the charging port broke and on the replacement phone when I got it. In fact the prompt has occured  three times no four times since I have been typing this.  The problem started after the update.  I loved this phone until the update and now not so much. This prompt though highly annoying seems to be just a surface problem.  My phone acts as though it is charging all the time. And the battery gets used way too fast.I have taken it to a sprint store and they said they can't do anything until they fix the software. 

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    t-wilks Newbie
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    I too am having this same problem.  It isn't from moisture issue, but it is related to the latest update from Sprint (FH13?).  Battery drains FAST.  When charging, this message will typically appear.  Another thing I noticed is that when I power OFF the phone, as soon as I plug in the charger, the phone will automatically restart.

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    KMcMurtrie Valued Member
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    Given all the problems the Samsung SII has with rapid battery discharge, it's likely that most factory batteries are nearing the end of their life.  A LiPo battery is rated 200 to 400 full cycles before internal resistance rises enough to cause malfunctions.  The voltage then droops too much under load and rises too quickly when charged.

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    tiffnchits Newbie
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    I have been a Sprint cust. for 8 years. I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2 on May 24th, I am very meticulous with my electronics and I went into freak out mode today (9/28/12), when my phone was popping up the Charging Paused-Voltage Too High box. I went to the Sprint store in Altamonte Springs Fl, ( DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION, THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE **** ). So anyways I addressed the rep about my phone bleeping, batt icon flashing and basically the phone not responding; I had also mentioned that prior to bringing it into the store, I had google the 'Charging Paused-Voltage too High' box, the rep seemed familiar with the issue, and mentioned if I did an SYSTEM update 2-3 weeks ago, I replied yes. They were supposed to do a Hard Reset, I came back to the store 45 mins later, and I have a lady rep tell me that due to moisture, my usb port is corroded. She replied that under any moisture issues no phone company or manufacturer will warranty those issues. Now this rep is trying to show me via flashlight the corrosion in the usb charging port, all I could see was lint. My phone has always been in a cover, its either on my desk, dresser or on the kitchen island. Again I have had this phone for 4 months.  She hands my phone back, tells me to call sprint and file an insurance claim and pay $100. Now I am livid, she walks away from me and conducts a face to face phone sale. I approached a another tech, he looked at me like I was a criminal and said that I must have dropped the phone in water, and I was at fault. I called his bluff, I said lets take the phone apart and show me the indicators on componenets that show water damage, guess what, he looked like a lying fool, and told me to call Asurion (again not a sprint company but a 3rd party). I leave in disgust, call sprint cust service, explained the situation, my experience in the store and most importantly, I asked the rep in 8 years, how many times have I ERP'd. The rep was not aware of this Samsung or ICS issue, I told him to google the Charging Paused-Voltage too High, and to his surprise he saw the SPRINT forum and many others. He instructed to me on doing a hard reset over the phone, nothing was working.  End of the day, SPRINT can't figure this out, BUT they are sending me a re-furbished S2 with NO out of pocket expense. As a 8 Year Business client of Sprint, I have gone through **** and back, and I really thought they were on a 180 turn around. As a business member I have had sprint for 8 years and my wife has had them for 10 years. I hope SPRINT reads this, and understands that I read alot of tech news, I know you guys are struggling, but I am still sticking to your trap which is the UNLIMITED PLAN, only because no one else offers it. You guys don't give a ****, your in-store sales rep basically responded to me like........deal with it. I mean how in the world, can you try to indirectly insinuate I'm at fault. Remember I contribute to your 6 or 7 digit salaries. I have had the phone for 4 months; NEXT TIME I WILL UPGRADE MY PHONE AT BEST BUY, I will cancel your ERP **** program, and use a REAL RETAILERS INSURANCE PROGRAM WITH BETTER BUY BACK OPTIONS INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WAIT 2 YEARS. Fix the problem.

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    BruceNYC Regular Visitor
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    @ Tiffnchits.  I feel your pain.  I have also had the unfortunate need to speak to store reps about the Issues with my own E4GT.  Guess what?  They haven't heard of ANY problems, and anything wrong is my fault as well.


    Read my thread, Sprint (AKA The NOW Network) is NOW censoring/deleting inauspicious & unfavorable posts.  Read what they are censoring in this thread!!!


    You'll see what I mean....

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    BarryConvex Newbie
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    I recently had this problem and it went away. I have no idea how but it seems to have resolved itself.


    I was in the same exact situation as tiffnchits. Sprints TEP plan is a sham. 

    I'm going to start moving my account away from sprint. Terrible service, and terrible customer service.

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    DJBDG Newbie
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    It's just corrosion on the usb connector from being exposed to the elements all the time. Get some lighter fluid or 90% isopropyl alcohol and tiny cleaning swabs to clean the usb connector and the connector on your charging cord. Do not use Q-tips or any cotton type swabs as they can leave fibers behind and create further problems.

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    JSILVE1 Newbie
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    I'mn having this issue as well. It started after my phone got wet.


    I keep seeing "gently pry up the charging pin in the microusb connector" as a possible solution. But I don't know which pin that is, or how to do that.


    Does anyone have a diagram or picture, and a description of how to do that?



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    Mrkbot Newbie
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    Original post is questioning a specific error message stating "charging paused. Voltage too high". I will respond specifically to that issue. This was happening to me over and over and kept getting message saying battery was charging/not charging even when I didn't have charger connected. It seems the issue was fixed when i performed the system updates available under settings>activate this device as well as ones under update this device. I did both and didnt care if it said it was up to date. Worked for me! No more stupid error message.

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