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I am considering using my old EVO instead of the new one or this s3 because of these problems..


The screen is pretty and the features are fun. Great.


I have to stand across the street to reply to a text because the phone wont try and resend on its own and I otherwise will have to sit and hit resend for fifteen minutes until it finds a spot of reception. One feature that would have been nice on a phone with such a crappy signal problem would have been the ability to auto-retry sending the things that couldn't get sent out because you don't have signal. This one, if it cant send, it just says FAILED and doesn't try again... small things like this would make the level of aggravation drop a ton!


I am ALWAYS roaming, and NEVER have 3g, my WiFi works great, too bad texting and phone calls don't run on WiFi. I have resorted to communicating through Google Talk because it runs on WiFi, but not everyone has that app. This is definitely a radio problem within the S3, because I have an Old & a new EVO in my house, along with an LG Optimus and an Iphone... and ALL of them are flawless in regards to 3G and network signals; 4+ bars of signal, never roaming, 3G 24-7 and the 4g capable phones receive 2+ bars as well, (The new EVO isn't 100% either, but still makes my S3 look like garbage).


I would NOT recommend spending money on a phone like this when all its going to cause is a strong urge to throw it across the room. I jumped at the chance to get a new phone when my contract was up and now regret it. If you want a pretty phone, get it. If you want one that gets reception and service related features (texting, calls, etc.) are actually usable you'd be better off with a banana.


If anyone has any input, negative or positive - please post it.. or maybe some suggestions on how to get Samsung/Sprint to pay attention and release a fix for some of these things. I've Googled & Googled.. now I am just sad.

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    "Glad" to know I'm not the only one having these issues. They don't hesitate to sell me a phone advertised as 4G capable, but just not on Sprint's current Wimax network. Well, LTE is not here in Charlotte, so I'm stuck with using their inferior 3G network which is apparently overloaded. I have to run around my house to hold the signal long enough to pull an email through. So no 4G and practically no 3G yet they want to charge me the same price? By the way, I am having the exact same issues as you are. My phone constantly comes up as roaming, even in Charlotte and in areas my Epic 4G never "roamed". I'm starting to get fed up with all this and am considering other cell phone providers.

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    I spoke to a Sprint rep at BestBuy - he told me if I go into a sprint store and tell them about this problem they will give me an Airave FREE..It's like a having mini tower inside your house. He has a Samsung S3, had this problem too and now uses the Airave and said it works great. I am goin gto try it out since I have passed my return period and would rather not get into that refurbished phone loop this early on. They also swapped my phone for me to a new S3 to see if that was the problem - and I am home now, and roaming lol.

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    I'd recommend doing a few things before you get that Airave hooked up in your home.  The primary things being, when in a decent 3G area, update your phones PRL and Profile.  Double-check on the recommended internet speed the Airave requires because it will use a portion of your bandwidth.  If you don't see any improvement in your home after that, I'd go ahead and get the Airave.  Here is a link to their FAQ:



    I've been using it at my home for over 2 years now and it does help alot, but it doesn't always like the newer phones.  The main things you DO NOT do while connected to your Airave are PRL updates, Profile Updates, Phone activations.  Doing any of these while connected to the Airave seems to cause nothing but issues.


    Also, note there are some limitations with having/using an Airave.  If you start your call on the Airave and leave it's range it WILL drop the call.  It does not do any hand-off between the Airave and Sprint's towers. 


    If you come home while on a call, it will NOT connect to the Airave until after you've ended your call.

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    I too upgraded from HTV EVO 4G but it feels more like a downgrade. Samsung Galaxy Slll is more like the next big headache.


    • Phone roams in normal places that I frequent like food and department stores that are on street level.
    • Photos sometimes don't send via gmail or take multiple times to send.
    • Attachments and photos takeforever to open.


    I didn't have any of the above problems with my HTC EVO 4G. I was expecting everything to work better and faster. I should have returned it within the 7 days but didn't have a grasp on just how bad it was. Any ideas on what I should or can do? Help!

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    Couldn't agree more. I also "upgraded" my Evo 4g to a Galaxy SIII, such a letdown.  Besides the problems you listed, the keyboard response is horrible and the camera is terrible.  No wonder they were selling these for $50.  Want my money and my Evo back!

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    I tried to get an Airave device to resolve the issue, but if you have any coverage according to Sprint's maps in your area they will not give you the Airave device free. They don't care about coverage you can't get inside your home. Too bad Sprint hasn't done like Verizon and admit they know there is a problem with the GS3 antenna and work with Samsung to get an update out to address it.

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    i had the same issue and i had to replace the phone and my problems went away, if you still have warranty have them replace it, but you have o send it back and they will take 2 weeks, unless you have extended warrant they will be able to fix it at a a service center even if you dont have extended warranty they will repair for you at least in houston they do.

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