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Home phone?!?!

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We have been sprint customers for a good while now. We have great service for our cell phone (unlimited data). The Tab I have has been pretty good. The home phone issue comes into play now... When we got the Sprint Home Connect, we had nothing but good thoughts. The early problems were handled fairly well with ALL the calls we made to get it "fixed". Then we progressively got worse and WORSE! We now get hardly any calls for our home line. The family and friends constantly call, or text, to talk with us. They say it did nothing but start beeping or it went straight to the voicemail. We have restarted the box. We have really grit our teeth to deal with it until now! We are cutting off the Sprint Home Connect. We hate it! Plain and simple! All the friends that have asked us about it got the answers they needed. We tell them to call us on the home number- they get the horrible service. They have used it to make calls from our house so they could get the jist of the horrible usage. Look all I am doing here is letting everyone know that this is really a BAD idea of using. The people I have talked with through the Sprint Customer Care attempted to make things "better" for us to no avail. Long and short of it... Tab service>> $50 service fee cutoff done to save money. Home Connect service>> $120 service fee cutoff to save money. Cell lines>> adding one to make up the difference. Like the Sprint cell--- HATE THE HOME CONNECT! $20 more a month with better service by adding a line. (I will post or repost as much as needed) FINALLY, the question: What will make me,and others like me, more at ease with the problems?

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