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Employee Discount Verification needs work!

samuch92 Regular Visitor
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I have to say that I am completely annoyed with this system. I never received an email from sprint after I submitted my email address at the site and I did it 2 or 3 times! The form on the verification link says that if you’ve submitted your email address you do not have to send in this information!! So i didn't. Now in looking at my current statement my discount is gone, and in reading the material it says it will take 2-3 billing cycles to kick back in. This is NOT acceptable!


Your website continuously said you had my email, but all I got was reminders to go to verify at my yahoo account. No mention of “thank you for submitting your discount email, you should have gotten a response to verity to that address, if you have not………”. All I kept getting is “ you need to verify”.  I've now submitted the eligibility sheet as well as a copy of my paystub via fax as well as uploaded these documents to your site,


I need this processed and my account fixed ASAP. If Spring wants to verifying that's fine, however you really need to come up with a more efficient customer service way of doing it!


I should not have to pay full price again waiting on the discount I've had for years. I will continue to pay my normal amount until this is fixed, however, I expect all late fees to be waived if they are applied since it will not be paid in full.


Thank you.


Has anyone else had this problem?!

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    jeepinjp3 Regular Visitor
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    Agreed they do not make it easy to reconfirm your discount. As we do not have corporate email and trying to use their links for pay stubs etc. is not an easy task..

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    jeepinjp3 Regular Visitor
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    OK so since I dont have an eligible email address, they tell me I need to fill out a form.Mind you I have gotten a 15% discount for 10 years and now because I upgraded to a 500 phone they want proof, so anyway i start filling out form and one of the line to be filled in is corporate id..well what is this ???sprint doesnt know I am not sure why we got discount it was thru wifes work.. how could this info not be on the account???? starting to **** me off...

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    EAGEROW1 Regular Visitor
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    I have the same issue...I keep getting messages indicating I need to verify my discount and I've completed all the steps to do so but never received the email from them to verify.  But the automated messages to my phone warning me about it seems to work fine.  Arg!

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    savorysack1 Newbie
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    I'm ready to pay the **** disconnect fee to get away from this ****! After talking with 3 different people, this call, I finally found someone who would help, BUT I DROPPED THE **** CALL BECAUSE OF THEIR CRAPPY SIGNAL!!!!! When I originally signed up with Sprint there was not an issue about needing an exact email, the guy actually said not to worry about it and just make something up because I had my corporate code. Now for some reason I need to provide an email that does not exist in my company! I have been on the phone all **** day with my works benefits department and then Sprint when I get home, only to be told we can't help you without this form. So tired of this ****......

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    steph0688 Newbie
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    I literally just got off the phone with a supervisor and was so mad I went to my laptop just to write something in the forums.  Two years ago I became a Sprint customer and was told being a member of the credit union, I would get a discount on my bill.  I give them my information and they say it will show up on my bill.  The bill for my family plan came out to about $200 so I called and asked if I was getting the discount, since that wasn't showing up on my bill.  They said my bill was the discounted price and the membership information was in my account.  So, hearing this, I assumed the $200 reflected the discount.


    Two years later (about 4 months ago) I go for an upgrade and the guy tells me if I'm a member of a credit union I can get a discount.  I say I was told I've been getting it for the past two years, and he said I wasn't.  So he set it up for me and said it should show up in about 2 billing cycles, AND since I had been told all this time that I was receiving the discount, they could possibly reimburse me for what I should have been getting.  When my discount still wasn't showing up, I called and they told me to fill out and fax a form from (or whatever that site is), so I did.  2 or 3 months later, still no discount so I called last week asking about it.  The girl said they could reimburse me for the last 2 years.  She then put me on the phone with her supervisor, who said the same thing, as long as my credit union membership showed I should have been elegible for the discount.  He ended the call with saying they just needed my information to prove I'm elegible so I thought I'd get an email.  I never did so about 30 minutes ago I called to inquire about it.  The girl said that it had just taken effect on the 28th, so I ask about the reimbursement I was told about.  She put me on the phone with another supervisor who said I was misinformed and they do not do anything like that.  Why would I be told by several different people that they could reimburse me, and then when it's found that I do actually qualify, I'm "misinformed"? The ETF shouldn't apply when a customer gets screwed over like this.  If  I was closer to the end of my contract date, I would be ok but it's going to be hard to wait it out.  I don't think I will be continuing my service with Sprint when this contract is over.

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    iknorman Newbie
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    I sure am...Had a discount through my credit union.  Found out my employer offered a better one.  I tried to change it. I filled out a Sprint discount form (with a corp. id) from the HR office, went to link, filled out the form, faxed them both along with a paystub and got an email next day saying my company wasnt eligible.  Mind you half the plant has the discount right now.  In the process of all this, I lose my discount with my credit union.  Been chatting and calling the reps since Monday. Informed people in HR and NOBODY can tell me an darn thing!! Really?? If this does not get fixed promptly, i'm done with Sprint.  My contract is up in a couple of months!  Oh yeah, I was also "misinformed" about an upgrade price on the samsung galaxy 3 told i could upgrade for $99 then it changed to $199...but thats another issue.

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    EAGEROW1 Regular Visitor
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    I FINALLY got someone on the phone to just re-apply the discount...apparently they CAN do that even though the five previous reps and an in-store "lead" told me it can't be done. 

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    TheCollal Newbie
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    I'm right there with you.


    I tried to get my discount applied AGAIN and two seperate reps told me there was nothing they could do and that I'd have to communicate directly with the office that processes the discounts. Fair enough, except for the fact they don't have the phone number for the office and are unable to connect me! I told them I would be willing to send in the fax and a pay stub as long as I could speak with someone who could confirm it was recieved and being processed. The rep told me I have to send it in before they will process my discount and kept repeating the line no matter how many times I told her I understood that but that was not what I was asking for. I'm a pretty chill guy, I rarely raise my voice at anyone for any reason, but I was getting extremely annoyed with this lady's refusal to listen to what I was actually saying and instead repeat over and over again that she couldn't help me in anyway. The EXTREMELY frustrating part is that even if I follow their backwards process it will still take one to two billing cycles to apply the discount which would mean for a quarter of the time I was supposed to recieve the discount, I will have paid full price!


    So far I can deal with Sprint's spotty data service since compared to the other cell phone carriers since their prices are actually reasonable, but after this "discount" experience I'm seriously considering paying extra just for competent customer service reps, and for clear and efficient processes!

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    samuch92 Regular Visitor
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    All i have to say guys is i'm not budge'n. If they don't want to put in the work to provide accurate customer service, i'm not pay'n them to be stupid. Each bill i receive w/o the discount will be paid as if the discount applied. They can keep charging me late fees all they want for the unpaid balance. I'm not paying that either, that's THEIR mistake, not mine.  If they want us to provide proof 1) use a system that works 2)TRAIN your freak'n customer service reps on how it works and what to do. I haven't seen my next bill yet, and never got a confirmation as to if they received my information either. IDIOTS!!!

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    tcrandallmutch Regular Visitor
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    Why is no representitive answering these cries for help!


    Does this company even care, apparently not!

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    brianpeppers78 Newbie
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    Yeah, I second this. 4 lines 250 a month without the **** discount is ******* me off.

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    obwneko Newbie
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    I have been a loyal customer and always paid my bill on time. I upgraded last month and no one informed me that I would have to apply to verify my discount. I get a TEXT message, thought it was spam and ignored it. Apparently,  a company who deals in communications fails to communicate to their customers of a policy change. I applied for the discount online but called to verify that I my discount will be applied to the next bill since Sprint removed it from my account. I spoke with Arran from Oklahoma whom I felt just patronized my by telling me that "he understood" and that he was helping me by "giving me the correct answers". He basically admitted to me that he couldn't help me at all. Though as a supervisor, the only skill required is to read from a script in telling us that he is doing his job.  My discount better be on my next bill. Customer service no longer exists with Sprint.

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    STOSHU12 Newbie
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    I had a similiar experience I have been with Sprint for about 12 years. I received a message on my sprint account page stating that sometime in the future I may be asked to verify my eligibilty for my discount it was on that page for months. I upgraded received nothing on my account page about verifiing discount until I was toldmy discount was being discontinued. This is such a ******** way of handling this. It would seem if you notify me about a possible verification on my account page then the actual request should also be sent to that page that I monitor monthly. I have always recommended Sprint to everyone but not any longer if my discount is not reinstated next June two phones on my account will be discontinued when contract expires. I have listened to excuses about discounts being taken away over the last year. discount used to be on all lines to only applies on first line. I have a Verizon discount avaiable also that i believe I will be using inthe near future. Do not treat ontime payment long time customers like garbage Sprint!!

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    Imanola Newbie
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    Im going through a similar experience w/ them and I just got off the phone with them I made some changes to my account  and my employeed discount was removed w/out notification.  I told them I didnt get an email then they said "well then they sent you a text" I said no they didnt, they said "well they should have sent you a letter". What the? My problem is the changes being made to my account with out notice and I have to waste my time to get them fixed..not only removing my employee discount but adding insurance to my lines without me doing so.  When I upgraded my line from vacation plan to a family plan the insurance was added and I call and ask why is the insurance on my plan when I had covarage removed 4 months ago? So I hear the Manager tell me on the phone "oh when u make changes to your plan its sometimes automatically added... I said WHAT! do u mean its sometimes added, so sprint makes changes to my plan with out me authorizing then he said oh no it was added by mistake and you must have misunderstood me....but Im sure I heard right.


    Just like they will call you when you are past due, they can call you to let you know something will change on your plan to avoid angry customer, thats all.

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