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Opening a New Contract with own Device and trying to use "activation discount Later" HELP!!

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Im furious with Sprint Customer Service. Heres the background story Cliffnote Version:

-Bought iPhone 4S through someone off craigslist thinking it was "GSM UNLOCKED"

-Turns out it wasn't and locked to SPRINT. Had no other choice but to open a Sprint line, unless i wanted to waste $600 on an iPhone I cant use.

-Signed a 2 Year Contract WITH MY OWN device. DID NOT get a new phone or any APPLIED DISCOUNT upon activation.

-Sales Agent assured me that i could use my "activation discount on a phone later on since i activated a new contract with my own device"

-Called Sprint yesterday interested in the iPhone 5. First Rep was not helpful at all, mentioned to him about how i opened a new line with my OWN DEVICE. and dont see why i cant use my "activation discount". Asked to be transfered to a manager.

-Spoke to a manager by the name of "Mohammad" after an hour of Bickering and complaining back and forth, repeating my story the manager finally approved on letting me apply my discount but told me it would take about an hour to show up on the system.

-Mohammad called right back after we hung up and repeated that i was able to get the iphone at the discounted price.

-In my attempt to get the discount online it was asking me to extend my contract. I thought that was Absurd just because i've already been with SPRINT for close to a year.

-I called back later that day and spoke to a different manager, who was telling me something completely different from the previous manager "Mohammad". And kept rephrasing "with any UPGRADES you are required to extend a 2 year contract." eventually i told him to call me back on a later date cause i was getting frustrated.


Any Sprint Reps/Managers can answer me this: When a new customer opens a new contract and signs a "2 year agreement" they get an instant DISCOUNT on a phone or some kind of benefit for opening a new line, Correct? If i opened a contract using my OWN DEVICE I dont see why i can't redeem my discount later on. Im still with going to be using Sprint for the whole 2 years and still under contract, why would i need to RESET my contract and be tide down for another 2 years. Am i doing something wrong here? I am a valued Sprint customer and should be treated the same like any other.


It frustrates me because im NOT TRYING TO UPGRADE or change my plan AT ALL. i just want to get REDEEM my "ACTIVATION DISCOUNT". And all the previous manger could say is "well our policy is... BLAH BLAH BLAH!!"

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