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iPhone 5 data not working.

MATHIS000 Regular Visitor
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Was first in line to get the new iPhone yesterday.  Ever since I left the store, I have not been able to get data on my phone.  3g doesn't show up at all.  Was on the phone with tech support more than once, and they said that i had a defective phone.  I went and had the phone replaced, and am having the same issue.  tried all of the resets suggested, went to update my network settings, etc.  Obviously there is an issue with the Sprint-iPhone 5 connection (the 4S i was using is now my wifes, and it shows a full 3G signal, and works awesome!)



Not sure what the next step is. 

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    3020fjr2 Bronze Expert
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    MATHIS000 have you tried updating the profile to see if it helps:


    Perform Network Update:

    1. Tap Phone.
    2. Tap Key Pad if necessary. Enter ##873283# then tap Dial.
    3. When Starting Service Update screen appears, tap OK.
    4. When Service Update Complete appears, tap OK.
    5. The Radio will reset.
    6. When Sprint displays, the iPhone update has completed.


    Here is a step by step instruction with pictures on how to do it http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Update_the_Data_Profile_IPHONE_4S_16GB/25219-1390-3?question_box=update profile iphone&id16=update profile iphone

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    Icee1 Expert
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    I have also noticed my iPhone 5 not staying connected to 3G. It will connect, then drop to 2G, the circle. It also seems not to get as good of signal at my work, one bar inside instead of the 3 I got with my 4S, and I don't get 3G signal inside anymore like I used to with my 4S. I thought the 5's antennae was supposed to be even better than the 4S's? Hoping it'll be fixed with a software update or something :/

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    MATHIS000 Regular Visitor
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    Unfortunately, I have done the network update multiple times.  I even drove within 100 feet of the Sprint tower by my house to do this...still didn't work.  3G will turn on for a few seconds, and then turn to the circle.  I then get an error when trying to access data that says "Could not activate cellular data network.....You are not subscribed to a cellular data service" 

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    Philharmonica48 Regular Visitor
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    I am having the exact same issue. My partner has the same phone and we live together, and his maintains 3G network while mine goes straight to "o". The service update failed both at home and at the apple store. We replaced mine at the apple store just now, and it worked at the store but isn't working at home, yet my partner's still is. This is frustrating. I have little faith that the 4G LTE upgrade that is supposed to happen soon will help. My partner can call me 20 times in a row and it doesn't even appear that I've missed one call.

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    JoeFrosty Valued Member
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    We have the same issue here......My spouse's phone was replaced because of the LCD defect.  Her first phone (and my non-lemon phone(s)) worked just fine on the 3G but her replacement phone does not work on 3g.


    To narrow this this, let me ask you guys this.  Did you get your phone at the apple store instead of sprint?

    Under settings==>General===>About do you have Both "Network" as "Line" as sprint or just "Network" as sprint?  My spouse's phone does not even show "Line"


    Under settings, do you have "Personal Hotspot" line under "Bluetooth"?  On my working phone (obtained directly from Sprint) this is disabled.  On my wife's phone (obtained from Apple store) this is shown.

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    CHICK109 Regular Visitor
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    Well  Sprint network is the  worse, i been having same issues, not network connectivity in many areas, dropped calls, and my phone ROAMs everywhere i go, i just noticed the issue  is NOT THE PHONE,, is The NETWORK...3G and 4G dont work in many areas, thats why we get no connection.

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    JoeFrosty Valued Member
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    Not really....I have my wife's phone next to mine and her phone does not work on 3G and mine works fine...

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    Philharmonica48 Regular Visitor
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    We ordered our phones from Sprint online and received them Friday. I set them both up so I know they were set up the same way. Right away my spouse's showed 3G network consistently (our area doesn't have 4G yet), but mine went from "o" to "Extended" constantly - rarely going to 3G.


    But at least then I could OCCASSIONALLY call/text. Now I've exchanged my phone (earlier today at the Apple store) and I can't call/text AT ALL now.


    What I've tried:

    -Turn on/off - for more than 90 seconds (5 minutes+)

    -I've tried the ##8....# system number Sprint told me to try to and everytime it fails.
    -Reset phone - erased all content and settings - 3 times

    -Reset Network Settings

    -Reactivated my phone while talking to a Sprint rep 3 times.
    -Replaced my iPhone 5 at the apple store


    Also, a difference I've noticed between my phone and my spouse's: when I go to settings > messages mine is continually "waiting for activation" while my spouse's is not. Under "send & receive," his phone number  is checked under "you can be reached by imessage at:" while my phone number is not on my phone. If I go to "cellular usage" on my phone, it is all 0s.


    Sprint is investigating the issue, I was on hold with them for an hour today. I first had a guy who went through all the basic things and he transfered me to a more advanced rep. She was very nice and perplexed by the situation as well. She saw something that she thought might be causing the issue but had to find a higher up to investigate. They are supposed to call my spouse back (since they can't call me on my phone - it goest straight to voicemail). I don't know how long I should wait - she couldn't give me an estimate on how long it might take. I even ask - should I wait an hour, day, week?! She had no idea.


    I am at my wit's end - this was supposed to be a joyful purchase but now I'm considering reactivating my 3Gs just so I have a phone that works. I still can't get over how it is that my spouse's phone - the exact same model on the exact same network in the exact same location - can work fine and mine is basically a glorified paper weight.

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    JoeFrosty Valued Member
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    I feel your pain bro :(. One more thing. Is the non model a white one or black one?  For us the white one doesent work

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    jobenshain1 Newbie
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    Hello Everyone,


    I am having the SAME issue.  It is not a phone issue I don't think since multuple people here have exchanged phones but some sort of Network issue.  I am in San Francisco btw.

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    Philharmonica48 Regular Visitor
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    We both got the black models.


    Also, there is another thread with similar tales of woe: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/99120?tstart=0

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    Chucktastic72 Newbie
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    Had the same issue happen to me today, tried ##UPDATE# several times and update failed. The only way I got it to start working was to do ##UPDATE# while connected to a WIFI. Update completed and upon testing data connectivity over 3G it worked properly. Hope it helps you connect as well.

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    CaNBeFaD3d Regular Visitor
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    UPDATE DIDNT HELP!!! why did i join SPRINT!!! ughhh after i knew how terrible they used to be... everyone i know that has the iphone 5 dont have sprint... it all works fine... its sprints cheap ***... and the cheap service they provide... your better off with T-Mobile is much faster and better network... sprint has to be far the worst company ever... im shocked that this company is still up and running...

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    mr.cell Regular Visitor
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    it is a phone issue other phones are working fine except new activations.

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