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This is a list of the enhancements requested by the users. This will be a working document and will be updated with the progress and new enhancements reported. Please update the document if anything is missing. Also, attached is the XLS sheet with list of these enhancements. Item   # Enhancements Reference Progress 1 Re-factor   login page to display appropriate message for users invited to join   invitation-only groups. Logged 2 Ability   for users to configure via preferences the choice of their WYSIWYG editor Logged 3 Addition   of the Community Navigation widget Logged 4 Ability   to display a design consistent Community 404 page Logged 5 Ability   to display a Community splash page for outages/down-time Logged 6 Ability   to add custom meta tags/keywords for community pages (community landing,   sub-community, ratings and reviews, groups) Logged 7 Ability   to have a Vbulletin template for the Community that the user can select as a   preference Logged 8 Remove   the display of a user's email address from Community email communications Logged 9 Widget   to only display featured content from a selected sub-community with the   option to display content from the child sub-communities of the selected   community. Logged 10 Ability   to let users retrieve lost/forgotten username Logged 11 Ability   to resent validation key for new registrations SD: 8175913 Logged 12 Refactor   listing and article/thread pages to display post date and time. Logged 13 The   ability to indicate if threads and messages have been read/unread and is new   to a user. Logged 14 Ability   to indicate how many posts to a thread is new for a user. Logged 15 Ability   to restrict content from a sub-community from being searchable. Logged 16 Update   PM Mailbox icons more clearly show Read vs. Unread messages (e.g.. open   envelope vs. the closed envelope) Logged 17 Turn   on the userbar for all users without the sign-in box Logged 18 Change   username in the registration form to be case insensitive. Logged 19 Ability   to display message/messages indicate the browsers the site supports Logged 20 I'd   like to prompt the user that they are responding to a post older than a   configurable amount of time Logged 21 Ability   to archive (read-only) threads that have had no activity in over a   configurable amount of time. Logged 22 The   ability to instantly spot the threads with new posts, the posts we'd posted   in, the quantity of new posts, who started and who posted last. Logged 23 Create   a mobile friendly version of the site Logged 24 Post   new thread is not user friendly/new site is not user friendly Logged 25 Users   not able to find and give kudos easily Logged 26 Validation   errors on the site Logged 27 No   date/time indicator Logged 28 Inability   to limit the posts Logged 29 Ability   to make all posts as read, ability to show only Unread posts Logged 30 User   can give kudos to self. Logged 31 mobile   version of the site - doesn't adjust to the mobile browser Logged 32 Browser's   built in spell checker is not compatible with the site Logged 33 Can   there be a way to filter out posts or categories that may not be of interest   to a forum member. Logged 34 To   be able to easily find and follow all of the posts in which the user have   participated Logged 35 Have   space in the site itself to manage users current favorite threads Logged 36 No   indicator of what's new Logged 37 Difficult   to navigate Logged 38 Users   seem hard to find things, not liking the layout Logged 39 users   are not able to easily navigate to the replies posted by them. Logged 40 Not   able to get to new threads quickly Logged 41 When viewing all of the categories on the same page it only shows the total number of discussions, not whether there are any that are unread. SD: 8186835 Logged 42 "Not for support” community content/filter is expected for a    Support business rules for “Community Content on Support”. Support Requirement Logged
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This XLS file contains all logged tickets and FRs. Assuming the PM for the ongoing development effort will update with new SD tickets and FRs as they come out.
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Let's start collecting all the community enhancement requests here.  Also fives me a chance to play with the "Wiki" functionality. Change the iconography on "Read" and "Unread" private messages. Status - Submitted by Will 7/29 Comments - Next Steps - Tristan to discuss with Sapient BA and UE team General complaint that navigation is unusable. Status - Tristan discussing options with Raghu and UE 7/29 Comments - (1)  Talked with Raghu about LOE about of adding the Jive toolbar back in.  Need to discuss with UE because there was big concern from their side on this not matching the "Frog Vision" and doesn't really fit in with the "I Want To" look we had.  (2) We  can also look at cleaning up this page and making it more prominent Next Steps - Tristan to discuss with Meagan     Update the contrast and size of font in community Status -ha Submitted by Will 7/28, Request for Sapient UE POV by Tristan 7/28 Comments - This would definitely be fixed in the Lightening CR for B but we should try to move it sooner Next Steps - Sapient to provide POV with input from design Give Administrators and Moderators an easy way to view unread messages.           1. I can only see the Moderation icon in the My Stuff container if someone as filed an Abuse report.           2. Need to be able to use the Moderation screen to view unread messages. Add anyone with a email address to the Sprint Users group.      We had the functionality in Lithium
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