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SOLUTION: Adding an authorized user to your Sprint account


To authorized a subscriber,

1. Go to, click Sign In, enter Username and Password, click Sign In.


2. In the I want to list, select Manage who can buy in store on my account 

Select Manage who can buy in store in the My Account Section next to Retail Purchaser.


3. The preferences screen will display. Select Add Delegate.


4. Enter the delegate’s name, purchase by date, and click Save.

Entering a date is OPTIONAL, selecting no date will mean the authorization remains active until modified by the account owner.


5. Review the consent and check the box to agree. Select Next.

(Review the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree.  Select Accept.)


6. Confirmation of your election will be displayed.



Important to know:


  • Delegates must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Delegates do not need the account PIN.
  • Delegates may only purchase in a Sprint Store.
  • Sprint Stores validate the delegates identification.
  • New accounts must be established for at least 30 days before an In-Store Delegate transaction is allowed.
  • Authorized User/In-Store Delegate is restricted to one device purchase (add-a-line or upgrade) transaction within a two-day period
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