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SOLUTION: Bring Your Own Device FAQs

We have a fairly extensive set of FAQs posted on our BYOD page at Sprint.com/bringyourownphone but we are going to compile a few of the less-common questions here as well.  This list will grow over time.


Q .  Can I activate any unlocked device on a Sprint account? 

A.  No, only certain devices are compatible with the Sprint CDMA and LTE networks.  Typically, older non-Sprint phones are not eligible for activation.  See the Bring Your Own Phone link at the top of this page for a complete list of eligible BYOD devices (not the same as open market).  If the device you have is not on this list, a Sprint store may be able to assist. 


Q.  My phone should be eligible, but when I have try to activate it but I get the message that it's not eligible or not compatible with the network.  What's wrong?

A.  If the phone has never been activated on the Sprint network before, the system may recognize it without a ticket.  Sprint Stores have the ability to submit a ticket to have your phone's information (IMEI/ESN) added to our database.  Sprint stores can also get you a Sprint SIM or UICC card, if required.  Agents on Sprint Community are able to submit a ticket to add a phone's IMEI to the database but cannot send you a SIM/UICC card.


Q.  If I bring my phone over from another provider, will it work exactly like a Sprint branded device?

A.  Most features of your device will work as they did on your previous provider but certain functions of LTE may not work exactly as before.  


Q.  I have a factory unlocked/open market phone, do I need a SIM card?

A.  Your factory unlocked/open market device may need a Sprint SIM or UICC card.  Please visit a Sprint store for assistance.


Q.  I used to have Sprint but had my device unlocked for use on another domestic carrier (DSU).  Can I bring it back to Sprint if I use it on another carrier in the meantime?

A.  If your phone has been unlocked and used on another carrier, it may have been removed from our database.  If you get an error message when attempting to activate, please see the answers above for more information.


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