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SOLUTION: Can I take over another person's Sprint account?


I want to add one of my family members to my Sprint account.  She has her own Sprint account now, I just want to add her number to my bill to help her save money.  How do I do that?


It is may be possible for you to add an existing Sprint customer's phone number to your Sprint account by performing a Change of Ownership. We have a Change of Ownership page with instructions and details.


Things to keep in mind:

  • In order for someone to take over responsibility for another Sprint phone number (and any lease or installment billing agreement), both people must have active Sprint accounts with no past due balance
  • If the device attached to the phone number is being leased or has an installment agreement, you will need to credit qualify for that responsibility and the terms may be different from the original account
  • Any loyalty or promotional credits (like BOGO credots) that are being applied to the line will be lost when the line is switched over to the new account.  This change can't be undone
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