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SOLUTION: Military Suspend


How does it work? Do I qualify?


Thank you for your service. We appreciate all that you do for our Country. We encourage you to start this process about 30 days before deployment. This will ensure we can get all of the verification processed and you’ll know that the bill is taken care of. You have enough to worry about, while being away from your family and your safety. The Military Suspend program ensures you can keep your account, phone number, phone and even your discounts. Military Suspend is available to military personnel in any branch deployed overseas (or domestically where there is no Sprint service), U.S. diplomats, Ambassadors, overseas contractors, Peace Corps, and Missionaries.

To begin, please call our Military Suspend Team at 844-751-0149. They’re available 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM CST. You will need to provide Military Suspend Support team with proof of deployment in order to validate active military status.

  • Active military will need to provide name, DOB and SSN to the Military Suspend Support team.
  • If you are attending basic training (boot camp), you’ll need to provide some more in depth information to the Military Suspend Team. Since customers in basic training will not show up in the database because they are not members of the military until training is complete. Sprint still extends military suspend to customers who can provide basic training recruitment information.

With Military Suspend, your line can be suspended for up to 36 months. During this time, you’re not responsible for any charges, other than an installment billing on accessories. Your lease or installment billing on your phone will resume at the time the suspension is removed from the phone. Your device protection will be removed, with the option to add it back. Even though you have plenty of pictures from home, you may want to leave the phone at home for its protection.


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