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SOLUTION: What are my phone purchase options?


Now that Sprint has discontinued the 2 yr upgrade, how can I purchase or upgrade a Sprint phone?


 Customers have the following upgrade and phone purchase options available:

  •  Sprint Flex Lease:  Qualified customers can lease a Sprint phone for 18 months with the option to purchase.*  When you reach month 18, you should notify Sprint that you would like to purchase your phone.  Your remaining balance will be broken up in to 6 payments similar to your current lease payment.  Alternatively, you may pay it in one lump sum
    • Sprint Flex Lease is compatible with iPhone and Galaxy Forever programs.  Just make 12 payments and you're eligible to upgrade to the next device
    • Customers who are not on iPhone Forever or Galaxy Forever may add a yearly upgrade option for just $5/month
    • For more information, please see our Sprint Flex page
  • Full Purchase Price Customers may purchase a new or pre-owned phone at full Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  If you pay full MSRP, you own the phone, you have no contract and no penalty besides service charges for cancellation
  • BYOD:  Activate an unlocked device, either purchased from the manufacturer or a reputable reseller (use caution when purchasing pre-owned devices from private parties).  See our Bring your own phone page


Some tips for customers considering the purchase of a pre-owned (used) phone:

  • It is best to go through a reputable reseller with accountability measures in place rather than a private seller.  This helps prevent the purchase of a device that cannot be activated on your Sprint account due to various reasons
  • If you are activating a pre-owned Unlocked Device, be careful to verify that it's compatible with Sprint's network.  In order to be compatible, the device must support CDMA and LTE signals.  Finally, a device which was originally branded under another network may not support all the features of the Sprint network.  For more information see our article on BYOD here

*There may be additional costs associated with upgrades including increased MSRP of newer devices. 

*Sprint determines eligibility for lease and down payment on a case by case basis.  This article is not a promise or guarantee of eligibility.


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