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Question  I'm on the Unlimited Freedom plan and I just signed up for Auto Pay.  How do I get the $5 per line discount for Auto Pay? Answer   Once you enroll in Auto-pay, the Auto-pay discount should apply on your next bill.   Find out how to enroll in Auto-Pay
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Question  I've been trying to set up Auto Pay on my Sprint account in order to qualify for the $5/month discount.  I can't figure out how! Answer   To start the Set up AutoPay process, please follow these instructions: Sign in to   with your username and password. Click the   My preferences   tab. Scroll down to All about my account and click on   AutoPay. Note: Some banks may not support electronic checks. Check with your bank before using the automatic payment service. If you have any unpaid balance, please make sure you pay it by the due date. Important:   If you have any unpaid balance, it will be taken out of your account as soon as you complete the set up process.    You can learn more about auto-pay by clicking   here.   Need help setting up Auto Pay?  Create a new thread or join an existing discussion in Problem Solvers
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