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Question  I cancelled Sprint services several months ago.  Last week, Sprint took a payment out of my account. How did this happen when my account is closed? Answer When a Sprint account is cancelled with a remaining balance owed, either from billed charges or due to equipment that has not been returned, Sprint will make several attempts to collect the debt. Sprint will contact customers by phone and then by letter sent through United States Postal Service to the mailing address on the account.    If the balance has not been paid within 20 days of the letter, Sprint may deduct all or part of the remaining balance from any card previously used to make a payment.  These payments, part of Sprint's Debt Recovery Program, as listed under Billing Relationship in our Terms and Conditions are not eligible for refund and cannot be backed out.   If you have questions about a payment deducted from your debit or credit card after you've cancelled services,  you may contact the Debt Recovery Program at 1-855-696-7423 .
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