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Question I set up a payment arrangement and Sprint tried to take it at 1:00 AM when my check goes in at 5:00 AM.  Is this normal?  Sprint really takes the money in the middle of the night?   Answer  Sprint withdraws all payments at midnight of the day you select.  Whether you have selected auto-pay or you've set up a future dated payment as part of a Payment Arrangement, the money will be withdrawn from your bank account before you get up in the morning on the day you agreed.   If your paycheck isn't usually deposited until later in the day or if you have to deposit the money by going to the bank, it is a good idea to set your payment up for the day following the one in which you expect to receive the money.  Choosing the day following will help you avoid any overdraft fees on your account and help ensure that you can use the Payment Arrangement system in the future.   For more information bill payment options please see our Sprint Payment Support page
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