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Question  Can I choose the date my bill is due? Answer   Your bill's due date is set automatically when you first open your account.  Unfortunately, it is not something that can be manually updated. 
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Question  I've been trying to set up Auto Pay on my Sprint account in order to qualify for the $5/month discount.  I can't figure out how! Answer   To start the Set up AutoPay process, please follow these instructions: Sign in to   with your username and password. Click the   My preferences   tab. Scroll down to All about my account and click on   AutoPay. Note: Some banks may not support electronic checks. Check with your bank before using the automatic payment service. If you have any unpaid balance, please make sure you pay it by the due date. Important:   If you have any unpaid balance, it will be taken out of your account as soon as you complete the set up process.    You can learn more about auto-pay by clicking   here.   Need help setting up Auto Pay?  Create a new thread or join an existing discussion in Problem Solvers
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About Clean Slate:   Sprint’s Clean Slate promotion offers to cover your switching costs up to $400. The eligible costs include the Install Bill Balance for your previous phone and Early Termination Fees. Your taxes, plan charges, or any other charges are NOT eligible.     Promotion Eligibility:   If you want to be eligible for the promo, the followings are a MUST:   You must bring your phone number to Sprint and activate a Sprint Lease or 24-month installments. You must trade-in the phone tied to your phone balance or Early Termination Fee in good condition. That means it has to power on, have the screen intact, have no broken, cracked or missing pieces and the activation lock disabled. You have to register for the Prepaid MasterCard at at least 48 hours after receiving your buyback receipt (aka final bill) or email confirmation and within 60 days of switching to Sprint. The registration site will require the serial number of your traded phone. You can get this from your buyback receipt, buyback-confirmation email or can contact a Sprint employee to help you track it down. You must upload your final wireless bill from your previous carrier showing the fees that were assessed. Remember that ONLY Early Termination Fee and/or Installment-Billing balances are the only fees covered. IMPORTANT: If the device was an installment purchase through Apple or another 3rd party, you need to include the former carrier's bill and a copy of the installment-balance bill. Your account needs to be up to date with and in good standing (no past due amounts) for the Prepaid MasterCard to be processed. Remember, you gotta spend money to make money.     How long does it take to receive my Prepaid Mastercard?   Phase 1: Your account must be active and in good standing beyond the Satisfaction Guarantee Period (14 days) before your registration will be looked at for approval.   Phase 2: After the Satisfaction Guarantee period (14 days) has passed, there is a 15 day Registration Approval Period.   Final Phase: After the Registration Approval Period, it should take about 3 business days to deliver the Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account reward via email if you chose that option during registration. If you elected for a physical Prepaid Mastercard you should get the actual card in your hot little hands within 10 business days via regular mail.     I’ve waited and waited but still have not received my Virtual Account or Physical Card within the time quoted. HELP!   If you have met all the eligibility requirements AND waited through each of the waiting periods, please leave us a comment in the thread below and we’ll hit you up in order to review and escalate the matter. If you have your confirmation number on hand from completing the online registration (you should have received an email with this) please have it ready to share.     I have a different question about the Clean Slate program…   Cool, live your best life and create a post in Problem Solvers where a SMARTeam agent will help you get to the bottom of your question!      
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