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Question Can I get a new discounted (subsidized) phone, pay the subsidized price and accept a 2 year agreement?   Answer The short answer is: No. Due to the changing needs of the wireless industry, including the drastic increase in device MSRP, Sprint, like other carriers, has discontinued the ability to upgrade via subsidy (discount with 2 yr agreement).     The long answer is:  As mentioned, Sprint has discontinued the option to purchase a device for a reduced cost a point of sale in return for a 2 yr contract.  However, due to an agreement Apple, some fully eligible customers may be able to upgrade on a two year subsidized agreement if they purchase directly through Apple.*  The two year agreement is expected to be phased out of Apple sales eventually.     For information about your current device purchase/upgrade options, see my article here: What are my phone purchase options?   * All customers who purchased devices with a 2 yr agreement and are on newer discounted plans are subject to a $25 subsidized device fee for each device purchased this way.
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Question  How can I purchase or upgrade a Sprint phone? Answer  Customers have the following upgrade options available:  Easy Pay/Installment Billing:  Simply pay sales tax and possibly a down payment when the phone is purchased.  The full cost of the phone is then broken out over 24 months, though customers on qualifying plans may be eligible to upgrade after 12 payments if they give back the current device.   It is possible to pay off the phone early either through smaller additional payments or a lump sum payoff.  The phone would then be yours to keep. Some tablets and accessories may also be eligible for installment purchase.  See or a Sprint store for more information. Lease:  Well-qualified customers may lease a phone with zero down, though many customers do have a small down payment.  Customers then make small payments monthly for up to 18 months, at the end of which, and are required to turn the phone back in to Sprint.  If you choose to keep the device at the end of your lease, you'll be charged the remaining purchase price after lease payments.  Lease is only available for newer iPhone devices at this time. Customers currently on iPhone Forever leases may be eligible to upgrade to the next iPhone after 12 consecutive payments if they turn in their current phone. * Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Customers may purchase a new or pre-owned phone at full MSRP.  If you pay full MSRP, you own the phone, you have no contract and no penalty besides service charges for cancellation   Some tips for customers considering the purchase of a pre-owned (used) phone: It is best to go through a reputable reseller with accountability measures in place rather than a private seller.  This helps prevent the purchase of a device that cannot be activated on your Sprint account due to various reasons. If you are activating a pre-owned Unlocked Device, be careful to verify that it's compatible with Sprint's network.  In order to be compatible, the device must support CDMA and LTE signals.  Finally, a device which was originally branded under another network may not support all the features of the Sprint network.  For more information see our article on BYOD here *There may be additional costs associated with upgrades including increased MSRP of newer devices.  *Sprint determines eligibility for lease and down payment on a case by case basis.  This article is not a promise or guarantee of eligibility.
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