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$150 Early Upgrade Right Charged when I did not upgrade or request it


$150 Early Upgrade Right Charged when I did not upgrade or request it

I was recently charged $150 for the right to upgrade early.  I had inquired about it, but not told I would be charged $150 for the right to upgrade early.  I have not upgraded and do not intend to.  I had just heard about it and was curious if it was possible.  Low and behold, $150 added to my Sprint bill.  I have been a customer for 12+ years and the customer service is getting worse and worse.  On 4/19, I spoke with Justin Trail and he said that he would escalate it as it is a non-refundable charge.  Never heard back from him.  Called last week and they said they would credit my account.  The credit never showed up.  Today, I spoke with Paul.  He would not give me his last name.  The last rep gave me his name and email address.  He said he was the highest account representative level I could go to and to quit calling about the issue.  Nothing can be done and you are out of luck.  I cannot help you further.  He said it was reviewed by a team under the VP and was rejected.  I requested the VP's name, he said it was not relevant and he would not help.  Finally, he said he would have someone above him call me by the end of the day.  Interesting, because earlier, he seemed to be God and the highest person I could speak to at Sprint  Has anyone else been charged for the right to an early upgrade and not upgraded and got a refund?   I'm not interested in a new phone, I just wanted to know if it was possible if I wanted to.  I am not going to pay $150 just to have the right to upgrade, my upgrade is available in August.  I have made 4 calls on this issue now and it has taken a couple hours of my time to go through the scenario with the various reps.  He said it was nice that I was a customer for 12 years, but we're not going to do anything for you. I would be amazed if I get a call back today, not holding my breath!

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Re: $150 Early Upgrade Right Charged when I did not upgrade or request it

4/19 - Case Submitted by Justin Trail to get the credit.

4/24 - Service Representative said they could credit me and should take a few days

4/29 11:30 AM - Paul - Acct Mgr, would not give last name, said to quit calling.  He was the highest I could go.  There is nothing else that can be done.  Upgrade your phone since we charged you $150 for the right to do it.  The executive team rejected the request for a refund. 

4/29 - Erica 1:30 PM - Supervisor of Account Managers - Sorry, we can't do anything.

4/29 - Paul - 2:15 PM - Operations Supervisor - If I were in your shoes, I would buy a new phone since you have the option to upgrade early.  Paul said I would have a call back from the next level up within 24 hours. 

5 calls so far, no resolution and some of the worst customer service encounters I've had yet.  They all give me different versions of my original call.  The notes from the call where they charged me the $150 originally don't seem that good and it is not clear that the offer was made correctly to me.

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