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2 Days of Run-Around and Still No Answers


2 Days of Run-Around and Still No Answers

I am on the iPhone Forever lease program, so with the release of the new iPhone, I was ready and excited to upgrade.  But this has been an absolute nightmare.

I ordered my new iPhone 7 two days ago.  It was my intention to order the iPhone 7 Plus, but due to issues with the website, I wound up mis-selecting and ordering the regular iPhone 7.  At this point, I contacted support via Facebook and Twitter (after calling the customer service line and being on hold for an extremely long time and giving up.)  Around 6 hours later, I received a response on Facebook that told me to call and gave me a number.  I called the number, which turned out to be incorrect.  It was, in fact, for the Direct 2 You service, which I did not need at all.  Thankfully, the agent there though was able to attempt to cancel my order - but, unfortunately it had already been processed so it was too late.  She told me when it arrived to either refuse shipment (not an option as it came today while I was at work), or take it to my local store to exchange for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Well, I saw that the 7 was out for delivery this morning, so I called my local store to see if they had the 7 Plus in stock.  I was informed that they did not, and would not, until mid-October.  I then called customer support again.  This time, I got ahold of someone who honestly had no idea what to do, or what I should do.  She told me I would need to talk to sales.  She transferred me to sales.  After holding for 45 minutes, I re-explained the whole story, only to be told, "I don't know what you want, these are your only options." He then transferred me to the shipping department.  I decided, at this point, just to give up and hang up.  I had wasted my entire lunch break on hold, and just didn't have any more time.

I reached back out to Sprint Cares on Twitter.  They told me the same things I'd been told before, but I explained I would not be home to refuse shipment, and that the stores were unable to exchange the phone.  I would just return it, but, unfortunately, there is a return kit on its way to me to return my current iPhone 6S Plus, and if I don't return it, I'm out $450.  So, if I return the iPhone 7 to the store, and return my iPhone 6S Plus with the return kit, I am completely phone-less, but still paying for service.

Sprint Cares finally seemed to actually care, asked for my account information, and then...POOF.  It's now been over 7 hours of no response from them since I provided my account information.  7 hours.

I called my local store again and they told me - I don't know why customer service told you you could exchange the phone, because we absolutely can not do that unless they made notes that it was a special circumstance.  We won't have the 7Plus in stores until mid-October, but even then, we can not exchange the phone.

So, I'm sitting here with the iPhone 7 still in the box, because I have absolutely no idea what the heck I'm supposed to do with it.  Do I open it and use it and just accept I'm out of luck and no one is willing to help me?  Do I leave it in the box and pray that someone made some sort of notes on my account that the store should allow for an exchange?  I'm at my absolute wit's end here, and just about ready to call and cancel Sprint service on all three of our lines and data service on our tablet.  All this struggle to get any sort of help just is NOT worth it.

Was told to DM them again on Twitter.  Almost an hour later I get a response to just return both phones and pay a restocking fee.

Perfect solution!  I'll be completely without any phone at all, still paying for service, pay a restocking fee, and just deal with it!

Is there a way to cancel service where I don't have to sit on hold for 8 hours to get it done?  We have four lines currently but at this point, I am done.  Two days and I'm still being lied to and ignored for hours on end.  There are plenty of carriers out there that would gladly take our money every month and not treat us like this.

Edited to add:  Just saw this on the Sprint website " If the product is returned in its original unopened packaging or has not been activated, no restocking fee will be applied."  So...why am I being told I have to pay a restocking fee?  Why is every person I talk to with Sprint outright lying to me about everything?  This is absolutely unacceptable.

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