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2 unauthorized lines were opened on my account in another state, and Sprint has done nothing!!!!!


2 unauthorized lines were opened on my account in another state, and Sprint has done nothing!!!!!

Hello my name is Kyle, and I have been a Sprint customer over 5 years. But that all might change very soon due to the lack of communication and the lack of common sense on Sprint's behalf. Friday March 1st, I got a letter in the mail form Sprint stating that my bill had been changed. Someone that I do not know purchased a Samsung GS3 and a home phone line on my account by just using my pin # that I have never shared with anyone. So I get on the phone with Sprint and they transfer me to the Fraud Department. After talking a while with the investigator he tells me that he will call me back in 24 hours. When he calls me back, he tells me he DOESNT think fraud was committed on my account because the pin # was used to purchase the phones. What kind of bullcrap is that?? So if I have anyones pin number, I can go into a store and purchase anything I want and just bill it on their account without them knowing?? THAT'S A DAMN SHAME AND SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY!!! So I called Sprint back the next day, only to be denied by Fraud yet again. How can they not see it's Fraud when a blind man can see that it is?!?!?! First off, the store the equip was purchased from is in ANOTHER STATE!!!! I stay in South St Louis Missouri, and the phones were purchased in a store in Fairview Heights Illinois. Thats a good 45 min away from me!!!! Secondly, if I did decided to travel all that way and pass up all the Sprint stores around me to go to that store and I did purchase the eqiup, why would I waste my time going back and forth with Sprint if I could just return the items and get my money back?? The equip was purchased on March 1st!!! So then a supposedly Supervisor from Sprint told me that I may have to go up to the store and talk to the manager to see what he can do. Well I've called the store many times since Friday, all times of the day, and can never get in contact with a manager!!! I also had the Sprint rep call the store and they said that there was no manager on duty!!! Everytime I call them I get the same message!! I talked to a person there that was the highest up on the ladder, and he said there is nothing that he can do without the physical equip being in front of him!! He also told me that he cannot review any of the security tapes to see who purchased the phones because the cameras are controlled by the corporate building which is in Kansas!!! WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT??? I was also told by a customer service rep that my sig did not match my original contrac that I signed last year!!! This is becoming a very frustrating situation, and Sprint has now sent me a $300 bill due by April 5th that I refuse to pay. If this is not resolved by April 1st, I will be taking my business to Verizon. Sprint has really fallen from my graces with this bullcrap that they are trying to pull on me!!! I have had promises of getting callbacks that I never got!! Im just getting the run around!! The last supervisor I talked to said that threre was nothing that he could do, because Fraud had already denied my claim twice, So he suggested I use the email in the Contact Us tab, because he says that goes to corporate. I dont know whether to believe that or not, but I tried it because I am running out of options. I really want to stay with Sprint, but if I cannot get this resolved I will be switching and not looking back. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: 2 unauthorized lines were opened on my account in another state, and Sprint has done nothing!!!!!


Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to this matter and we would be more than happy to review your case and assist.  Please send me a private message and include your full name, account number or primary phone number and security pin or answer to your security question.

Sprint Social Care Team


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